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When I was a child and young adult, going to the movies was a treat that only occurred on occasion. They were always family oriented movies or westerns or horror movies. Because we knew it was only a movie and not really true, the horror ones were more to scare us a little so we could tease each other about being scared. It was fun, entertaining and a great activity.  Now that I am grown and have children, grandchildren and great-granchildren, I still only go to the movies on occasion. Mostly because I’d rather spend the time enjoying them  than sitting in a theatre. However, I have gone to a few, which I thought would be funny and interesting. I was amazed at how many of them had such vulgar language ( I guess the movie makers thought it made the movie funnier) throughout the entire movie. It was difficult for me to even laugh at something that would otherwise have been very funny to me. I know what you’re thinking– this is how the world is today grandma. Well, I beg to differ. A movie can be funny , exciting, interesting, even informative without all the sexual content, vulgar language and suggestive ideas that are influencing our children. I wish the movie industry would take the time to look around and really see how influencial they are on the world, especially the young and impressionable. Do they use this kind of content and language only because they think it sells? I am sure the movies are a big part of alot of peoples’ lives. They enjoy getting out and watching that big screen and getting blasted out of their seats with the sound. It’ might even be the most excitement some people have in their lives. I am not condemning going to the movies. I’m just saying it should be a pleasant and pleasurable experience that leaves a worthwhile thought or two in your mind and maybe make you more appreciative of who you are and how you live your life or to be  able to laugh at yourself once in a while. The next time you go to the movies, pay attention to the language, the suggestive content ( even in some the kids movies) and be honest about it. ..If it truly was a good movie….wouldn’t it have been just as good without all the added imperfections the movie world insists upon being part of our lives if we “go to the movies”.

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