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Storage Facility Customer Service

As the Manager of StoreRight Self Storage Winter Haven 4, one of my many responsibilities is to write a monthly blog with reference to the storge business. It’s my understanding this blog, along with other marketing agendas will help push our storage name and business closer to the top of the list with search enginge locators, which in turn will give us more exposure when someone is looking for storage. I’m sure that is all true, but I have found in my 14 years of Storage Management experience that the one thing that will always, without fail, put the name of any storage facility at the top of consumers list is “Customer Service.”

Our tenants at StoreRight Self Storage have grown to expect exceptional, professional customer service. What ever else we may succeed at, real customer service with a real smile is always our goal.

When a tenant comes to us, it is usually because someone they know has highly recommended us. Some of our tenants have rented storage units several times over the years and every time we welcome them backand ask why they chose us, again the answer is always the same—- We like this storage facility and the way we are treated and cared about by the StoreRight Self Storage staff. We at StoreRight Self Storage Winter Haven 4 have made so many “friends” over the years with those who were first our tenants. We enjoy talking with them about their lives and families. After all, they are part of the StoreRight family the minute they walk in our door. We are never too busy for our tenants – even if we have deadlines to meet for all our marketing and goal keeping responsibilities. We know and understand that without tenants, there would be no need for storage, so that is what we base our attention on – our tenants and their needs. We strive to treat them the same way we would treat our own biological families and the way we, ourselves, would like to be treated.

We at StoreRight Self Storage Winter Haven 4 believe we know the secret to successful rental storage numbers. I’m not sure who even reads these blogs, if anybody, but if by chance you are readig this, stop by, say hello and meet our staff. You will know in a minute what sets us apart from other storage facilities. So, til next blog time next month, try to treat others with respect and courtesy and you will see a change in your life. StoreRight Self Storage. Right Place. Right Price. Right People.

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