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So you think You Don’t Need Storage….

The day will come that everyone will use a Storage Facility at least once ad probably more in their lifetime. Most people think that renting a Storage unit is only for times of moving. NOT SO. We here at StoreRight Self Storage at 6400 State Road 544 in Winter Haven, Florida understand there are many many, many reasons why people use Storage. In addition to moving, there may be a new baby on the way and that means making space for all the things a baby requires. You need Storage. Company may be coming and of course you want your home to look good and not be cluttered, so put the excess in  Storage. The kids are going off to College and don’t want their dorm room cluttered with their stuff, so they leave it at your house and you were hoping to turn their room into a craft room for yourself. So..put their stuff in Storage and enjoy your new craft room! You just bought a new car and the garage is jam-packed wth other stuff you might need now and again. Best choice–clean out the garage and put that stuff in Storage so you can park that new car in the garage to protect it from the hot Florida sun. Mom and Dad are getting older and shouldn’t be alone, but don’t really want or need to go into assisted living, gotta make room for their stuff and that requires more room that a baby sometimes! You need Storage. Your favorite Aunt has left you her collection of Salt and Pepper Shakers, which you’ve always loved and admired, but have no where to put them. You need Storage. The children have all left home to be on their own and it’s time to consider down-sizing- you need Storage. After all, what are you going to do with all the heir looms you are keeping for the kids, but they have no room for them just now? You definitely need Storage. Oh, and what about the things you just can’t part with because they bring so many happy memories to mind? Keeping memories are important. You need Storage. Don’t forget about Hubbies favorite things—golf clubs, extra pipe and fittings, tools, etc. They mean a lot to him. You need Storage. Maybe you are a truck driver who spends most of your time living in your truck, but need some place to put extra clothes and personal items or a Teacher who needs to put extra school supplie someplace. Climate Control Storage is the perfect answer. Even storing that motorcycle or antique car can give you more space at home. Last, but not least, remember to check out the outside parking area. StoreRight Self Storge has ample, secure, protected outside parking Storage for your RV’s, boats/trailers and all the other fun things you have. I could probably go on and on, but if you still think you don’t need Storage, you are either the neatest person in your neighborhood or you have 4 sheds in your back yard. I do hope StoreRight has made you smile while you were reading this and don’t forget….you DO NEED STORAGE… and he best place to go is StoreRight Self Storage at 6400 Stare Road 544 Winter Haven, Fl. See you SOON!!!!

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