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StoreRight Self Storage for the Holidays

StoreRight Self Storage at 6400 Sate Road 544 in Winter Haven, FL should most defnitely be part of your holiday plans for several reasons. First, you can rent a storage unit that fits your needs at a price that is affordable. StoreRight has friendly, knowledgeable staff that can assist you in making the best choice. We can also help with packing and moving supplies and even finding someone to help move your precious items into the perfect storage unit. Second, you will be amazed at the extra space you will have in your home and garage to make holiday guests oh and oh at what a spacious and neat home you have. Third, you can “like” StoreRight Self Storage on facebook and then follow us to learn of all the events and other special things happening at StoreRight and you can join in all the fun.

Some of the upcoming events include StoreRight Self Storage “Tenant Appreciation Day”, which is Saturday, November 16, 2013 from 11AM to 1PM. StoreRight plans to pay a “Thank You” to our tenants with food and entertainment. Promises to be a fun day. You can still get in on the fun by renting a storage unit or outside parking space before Nov. 16th.

StoreRight Self Storage is also sponsoring “Santa’s Wrapping Station” again this year. Tenants may come to StoreRight Self Storage at 6400 State Road 544 in Winter Haven and wrap all their Christmas gifts in private in a 10×10 air conditioned unit 24/7. This will begin in December.

December at StoreRight Self Storage will, this year, include a “StoreRight Christmas Lighting”. StoreRight plans on decorating a beautiful display of Christmas lights and holding a special lighting celebration. The public is invited to share with us. Follow us on facebook or, if a tenant of StoreRight Self Storage, you will be notified of the dates of those upcoming events.

StoreRight Self Storage is proud to offer all of this to our tenants and friends. Let StoreRight make your holidays neater and more fun. Come on in. StoreRight staff members are friendly, helpful, courtious, and anxiously awaiting your visit. You may also call us at (863) 421-5772 or email us at StoreRight. Right Place. Right Price.


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