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When you store… StoreRight

There are many things to consider when using self-storage, especially at this day and age. I believe top on the list for everyone is money! Sure the cost of the unit is important but you have to figure in other factors as well. Say for instance two facilities have the same price. Now if one facility tells you about a promo they have going on and the other one has no promo the answer is clear, you go to the place with the extra savings. here at StoreRight currently have 2 months half off!

The next thing you might want to consider is payment options. How easy do you remember a payment date on your bills? All StoreRight’s payments are due on the 1st with a grace period until this 5th. You would think this easy to remember but I cannot tell you how many tenants say they forgot the bill was due. We here at StoreRight can make it easy on you. Not only do we take payment by the normal cash, check or credit card we also have a couple other options. You can put a credit card on file with us and choose the option to either have it automatically with taken out on the first or you can call in and make payments over the phone. You can also make a payment on line. We can also put you on an invoice mailing list.

Some people also consider security when looking to store their goods. We here at StoreRight want to make sure your goods are safe and sound. Are units are tucked away behind a security fence and each tenant picks out a custom four digit code. We also have security cameras at our two locations and the managers walk the facility once a week and check the units personally.

We know that a smart person is going to shop around for the best deal. StoreRight suggests that when you are shopping around go out and check out the facilities in your area in person. Just like with everything else you get what you pay for. Sure you can go to that other storage facility but how clean are they? How friendly is the staff? Is it worth it? When you come to StoreRight in Brooksville you are going to think you are walking into someone’s home. That is how we want you to feel, like you are storing with a friend.

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