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Continuation Of the Birth of StoreRight Self Storage

In May of this year, I told you all about the Birth of StoreRight Self Storage. Well, a lot has happened since May. So, for those of you who haven’t read it yet, you can now do so. For those of you who did read the Blog in May, you can now hear the rest of the story.

Once upon a time, not long ago in he year 2010, there were 3 guys who were friends and family ( 2 Brother’s-in-law and a Dad actually) that decided they wanted to expand their office space and perhaps get into other types of Real Estate. After all, they had backgrounds, not only in real estate, but also in law and accounting. They heard about a Self Storage conference and trade show in Las Vegas and decided it might be an interesting challenge to attend and learn about the Self Storage Business. Besides, they all could use the vacation. So, off these three guys went. They had a great time and really thought the world of Self Storage may be what they were looking for. They took Self Storage courses, talked to Self Storage Investors and before they knew it, they found a Self Storage Facility in Lecanto they liked. They were able to work a deal and in 2011, StoreRight Self Storage Was the name of their brand new Self Storage Business. Since none of them had any hands on experience in the Self storage Business, they decided to work with the managers at the Lecanto Facility and do everything the manger would do in order to really learn and understand Self Storage. After many months, they thought they had it all figured out and went searching for another Facility to buy, which they found in Ocala. This would be StoreRight Self Storage Ocala 2 location. They found it was in their best interest to keep the managers of these Self Storage Facilities since they already knew the Business and operations, if the managers wanted to remain. Before long, in early 2012, StoreRight Self Storage, Brooksville 3 was born, followed by StoreRight Winter Haven 4 and StoreRight Self Storage, Vero Beach 5. Needless to say, these guys were hooked on the Self Storage Business and wanted more.The search was on and with the additions of StoreRight Self Storage Recker Hwy. 6 in 2013 and StoreRight Self Storage Tampa 7 in 2014 and StoreRight Self Storage Ocala 8 in 2015, they now had 8 Self Storage Facilities in 4 years. Oh, how happy was this new StoreRight Family. They had grown fairly quickly, but  are still not done. currently, the StoreRight Self Storage Family consists of 25 employees ( managers, assistant managers, maintenance personnell, etc.) with the Corporate Office located in Lakeland, Fl. The hunt is still on for more Self Storage Facilities and more than likely, this StoreRight Self Storage Family will continue to grow. Watch closely to see where it all goes. Well, since that Blog of May, 2015, StoreRight has continued to grow. It now has 10 Facilities after adding Jacksonville 9 and Ruskin 10 just since May. They have hired a Director of Operations to oversee all 10 Facilities and have hired more people for their Lakeland, Fl. Corporate Office. I really do not think StoreRight is finished yet. What do you think?

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