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The StoreRight Self Storage Christmas Story

For those of you who missed it, this is a re-publish from 2012.

Twas the month before Christmas and I said to my Spouse

We’re getting company, there’s no room in this house.

The closets are packed clear up to the ceiling,

What to do just had us reeling.


Perhaps to the garage, we could move it out there,

But when we opened the door, not a spot anywhere.

We searched the whole house to find vacant space,

Not under the bed, there just was no place.


I turned in a hurry to look somewhere else,

Then tripped over a box and tore my blouse.

Thoughts of our guests taking such a fall,

Was not very appealing at all.


When I picked myself up and turned on the light,

The answer was there on a magnet from StoreRight.

We knew in a minute what we had to do,

Call StoreRight and rent a unit or two.


The process was easy and quick as a wink,

And the prices were less than one would think.

The staff was so caring and wonderfully kind,

I soon would be leaving my clutter behind.


We started our clean out with a bounce in our step,

The more we cleaned out, the greater our pep.

With visions of clothes actually hung in the closets,

More trips to the storage to make our deposits.


We wondered why we waited so long,

To make room for things where they belong.

Our joy and delight was heard in our chatter,

With each step we took up and down the ladder.


Before we knew it the closets were clean,

We even found a few things we’d never seen.

We hurried to the garage to start on it next,

When on my phone came an urgent text.


Twas the neighbor next door who heard all the clatter,

And was on her way over to see what was the matter.

I stopped for a moment and shared our plan,

And while she was there, I sold her a fan.


We gave her the number for StoreRight to call,

It’s definitely the place for one and all.

She hurried off with lightning speed,

Our suggestion for storage she was going to heed.


We finished our clean out in a timely manner,

And decided to add this to our yearly planner.

No more clutter, just extra space,

We hosted our guests with elegant grace.


Our neighbor is happy her clean out is done,

Says StoreRight Self Storage is number one.

Our lives are better for now we can share,

A house with no clutter anywhere.


So get into your car and go straight away,

To StoreRight Self Storage before the end of the day,

The people are friendly and you’ll get the deal,

StoreRight’s customer service is absolutely real.



copyright 2012 by Eloise Miller



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