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Memorial Day A Time to Remember



StoreRight Self Storage  honors  all those who paid the ultimate  price and died for our country.

I would  like to share some Memorial Day facts and thoughtful insights .   Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of Summer in the United States,  It is a weekend of family events and often associated with hot dogs and picnics.   The opening of pools is often done on this day.  Many people forget the reason for the holiday.

Here are some interesting facts :  Memorial Day started as Decoration Day,  May 5th 1868.   Soldiers and family would decorate gravestones of those who died in the Civil War.  Over 620,000 died on both sides of the war.  It expanded later to recognize all soldiers in all  wars who gave their lives in conflict.  Some Southern states celebrate a separate day to honor fallen Confederate soldiers.

James Garfield the Ohio congressman and future President gave the first speech at the Arlington National Cemetery.

Several towns claim to have started Memorial Day such as Boalsburg, PA and Carbondale IL.  However   Waterloo, New York was recognized by Congress as the official town.

Every grave in Arlington National Cemetery will have a flag for the Holiday.

Fun fact: Americans will eat 818 hot dogs per second or 71 million in a day !  Los Angeles consumes more than any other city in the United States.

Famous Quotes: ” Courage in contagious.  When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are stiffened “.   Billy Graham

” For love of country they accepted death ”   James Grafield

” We come, not to mourn our soldiers, but to Praise them. ”    Francis Walker

In the USA  May 30th  at 3PM on Monday is the time to stop for one minute to reflect.  From baseball games stopping to Amtrak trains sounding a whistle .  You should remember those who gave their lives for the country and pray for permanent peace.

What are you doing Memorial Day ?  Please remember to pause at 3PM.

StoreRight would also like to wish everyone a very safe and happy Holiday Weekend !



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