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What Not To Store

You’ve decided to reclaim your garage or de-clutter your home or office and a self storage unit seems like the perfect solution. Fantastic! Now that you know what you want to store, here’s a few tips on what not to store.
At StoreRight Self Storage in Brooksville, FL the general rule is If it’s alive or was alive, don’t store it. If it smells bad don’t store it. And if it can blow up or hurt me. don’t store it.
Sounds like common sense to me but it isn’t always that clear to everyone. So to break it down, pets, plants and people don’t belong in a storage unit. You can not use the unit as a temporary shelter and your plants and pets will not fair well in storage. Dead plants will attract pests. If it is discovered that you have live animals in your unit, animal control will be called and you may be subject to to animal cruelty charges, You will also lose your storage unit.
Items with strong odors can attract pests; bugs, mice and other creepy crawlies are not what you want in your storage unit. It can be difficult to rid your unit of these unwanted visitors; they will likely cause considerable damage ; and the odors will not likely endear you to your neighbors.
Hazardous materials are also prohibited. Storing gas cans, flammable liquids, toxic chemicals, firearms, ammunition and fireworks are a recipe for disaster.
Do not store anything that is wet or damp. A dark, warm storage unit will turn these items into a breeding ground for mold and mildew. If you are storing a washing machine, for example, make sure the drum and hoses are completely dry before storing.
Perishable foods, are also prohibited, They are like a free buffet sign to legions of bugs and vermin. Cans of food should be okay.
If you are in doubt about what you can store, please call the management before storing your items.

It’s Never too early to plan for hurricane season

I know, it’s months away but it’s never too early to start planning for Hurricane Season.
Hurricanes are unpredictable and can cost thousands of dollars in damages. We can’t do much to stop them but with some pre-planning we can minimize their impact.
Now is the time to check your insurance policies If you do not have storage insurance, check your home owners or renters insurance policies to make sure you are covered for items stored off of your property. If you are, check to make sure you have enough coverage and increase if necessary. If your policies do not cover you items in storage, there is still plenty of time to purchase the coverage you need. At StoreRight Self Storage in Brooksville we offer an optional insurance policy from Badder Insurance. The application is quick and simple, it covers a wide range of disasters and is relatively inexpensive. It can be added or cancelled at any time

Keeping an inventory of the items you have in storage with pictures and receipts will be very helpful should you ever need to make a claim. While the weather is nice, plan to spend some time in your unit, take some photos and organize your items.

Check the free space in your unit. In the event of a storm, if you had to move items from your home into your unit, would you have enough space? Or do you have room in your garage, shed or enclosed patio where you could put lawn furniture and equipment. outdoor grills, etc until a storm passes? It is not recommended that you pay for a half empty storage unit all year but knowing how much space you can use in an emergency is a very good idea.

There will be plenty to do if we hear  “the storm will make land fall in 72 hours”, worrying about your storage unit doesn’t have to be one of them

StoreRight in Ruskin is having a Huge Yard Sale, Saturday 2/24/18 8:00 am till 2:00 pm

StoreRight Self Storage in Ruskin is having a Yard Sale and would like YOU to stop in and visit with our customers with great items to sell!!

StoreRight Self Storage also has great deals right now on clean and secure storage units!!  You can visit us on line at StoreRight Self and choose Ruskin as your location!!  You can email us at or call us at 813-645-2020 if you need any more information on the YARD SALE!!!!!

Thank you!!!!





StoreRight Self Storage Tampa – Yard Sale

StoreRight  Self  Storage  in Tampa  is  having  their  first  yard  sale 3/17/2018  from 8:30 Am – 2:00 PM.   If you are a tenant at StoreRight Self Storage in Tampa all you have to is call, email or just drop by the office to sign up to sell your items. If you are not a tenant at StoreRight Self Storage Tampa you can still sign up to sell your items but space is limited for non tenants so sign up now.  We currently have several people signed up and have all sorts of items going to be sold everything from furniture, tools, electronics, pool table etc. Its going to be on St Patrick’s Day so make sure you wear your green. We hope to see you all at StoreRight Self Storage Tampa bring your family and friends, lets get the word out so we have a great turn out. Always remember at StoreRight Self Storage we are always the Right Place at the Right Price.

The benefits of large storage units.

Large Storage Units – Why Pick a Large Unit

When other storage units just won’t fit all of your stuff, you can upgrade to the biggest and most accommodating storage unit. Secure and accessible, you get space for all of your large furniture pieces, appliances, electronics, valuables and boxes. These storage units also have the capacity to store cars, farm equipment, trucks, motorcycles and even boats. Large storage units typically range in size from 200 to 300 square feet.

The extra storage space in large storage is incredible for people with boats and motor vehicles that they don’t have space to store at home. Whether you want to store a small sedan or a large truck, there is plenty of space to store both, particularly in the larger storage unit. There are definitely some great benefits for choosing larger storage units. For those who have multiple vehicles, lots of furniture, farm equipment or water vehicles, it’s important to have a space that can fit everything and more. When you need access to your larger valuables any time and want the benefits of security, larger storage units are the most affordable choice. You can store almost anything in these and still have room for more. Available units may be limited for larger storage units, so it’s best to check beforehand and reserve a storage unit for a time period that best suits your needs. You may also want additional equipment to store your boat or water vehicles so that they are well-protected.

Winning at Storage Auctions

Have you seen the storage auctions shows on television? Guessing what’s hiding inside, the competition, the bidding it all looks exciting and so much fun. So are you ready to take the plunge?
First step is to find an auction in your area. Here, at StoreRight Self Storage in Brooksville, we generally hold an auction monthly, usually the last Tuesday of the month but this subject to change. Call or stop by ahead of time to make sure. You can also search online for auctions in your area. Then, having found an auction, call the facility to check their rules and regulations. Some facilities require bidders to register before the auction begins. Plan to arrive about a half an hour before the start time.
Before you go to the auction, set a budget. Know what you are willing to spend. Remember this is a gamble, there are no guarantees that you will be able to resell the contents for a profit. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the bidding so if your not self disciplined, you might want to bring along a friend to reign you in. You should also do some research on what second hand pieces sell for . This will help you set a realistic bidding ceiling once the action starts.
On the day of the auction, you will need to bring cash. Most storage auctions are cash only and you may also be required to leave a cleaning deposit. You might also want to bring a flashlight. When the units are opened, you will only have a few minutes to look at the contents, from outside the unit, and a flashlight might help you see those back corners and any treasures hiding there.

You’ll want to bring a truck or trailer, gloves, trash bags and dressing for success at a storage auction means work clothes. You generally have only a short period of time to empty and clean the unit so be prepared to spend some time sorting through what to sell, keep and trash.

With a little luck and pre-planning storage auctions can be fun and profitable.

Good luck and see you at the auction!

There goes January…..

As I close out January I am sitting in my office with my favorite thing, a label maker.  Nothing makes a person more ready for organizing than a label maker.  If you add boxes to the mix you are armed and ready. When getting any kind of storage project ready for takeoff  take your time, sort and label. Label everything and label it again.  I have seen  (and been there myself) people digging apart boxes to find that one thing.  In my experience there is no such thing as too much information.  When you are in a hurry or frantically searching for that item, you will be thankful for all that information.  After a while you will find that label maker to be very addictive.  From spice racks, sock drawers, cabinets, and just about everything in between.  Don’t worry your family will fall in line as well after a while.  It’s a whole new world you must explore!!! Enjoy!!  Julie #ocala8 #labelit

Re-purposing Your Storage Finds

Here at Brooksville StoreRight Self Storage, we will be having our lien sale next week (1/23/18 @ 9:30 am) and our Spring Yard Sale on 3/10/18 @8 am, so I thought it might be fun to look at some simple ideas for re-purposing those items that have you thinking it might be dumpster time. Depending on your skill level and the amount of time and money you want to put into a project, you can find literally hundreds of ideas on the internet. You can turn dressers into TV stands, headboards into benches, coffee tables into ottomans, I even turned an old console TV into a dog bed. Let your imagination run wild and don’t let a piece’s original purpose limit what you do with your piece.
My personal skill level is pretty basic: hammer, screw driver, sandpaper and paint. So for this blog, I thought it would be safe to stay at a fairly basic level.
So, you bought a storage unit at the Brooksville StoreRight auction; there are some items you could sell, maybe a few you’d like to keep and then there’s the picture frame or mirror that is a shade of brown only seen in used baby diapers. Before you pitch it, take another look. With a couple of coats of off white chalk paint, maybe a light rub of dark brown to bring out the details, you might have a pretty frame for a picture or print. Or, you could cover the backing with a pretty fabric and use dry erase markers on the glass for a message board; maybe replace the backing with sheet metal (wear gloves this stuff is sharp) and make it a magnet board. You could also lay the piece flat, drill a couple of holes on opposite sides of the frame, attach a couple of cabinet door handles and use it as a serving tray. The choice is yours.
As for my dog bed? Literally the worst part of the project was removing the “guts”, there must have been fifty pounds of screws holding the tubes, speakers and other unidentifiable parts in place. After that it was just sand and paint, add a piece of foam for the mattress and cover that with some flannel and my fur babies sleep comfy every night.

December 27th …Now What…

When looking at the aftermath of Christmas consider self storage. The price is worth the piece of mind you will get. A New Year. A clean house. A fresh start. Every home can use the extra room and let’s be honest, it’s one less thing to pick up move all year. Pick a facility that has has climate control and really good pest control. Those two things already have your garage or attic beat! Get online and check out the great storage options for lights and ornaments. There are so many DIY projects out there. If you have not already done so get on Pinterest!! It has so much information to help you get though those dreary January days ahead. Happy New Year from StoreRight Ocala 8

StoreRight Self Storage…..You need to know!

The word storage, according to Webster’s Dictionary, comes from the word store- to put aside for future use or for safe keeping. Thus, storage has been around for a long time. The Human Race has used storage in many ways and many places. When we buy a home, women look for storage inside the home- closets and cupboard space. Men look for storage space outside the home- garages, sheds and areas in the yard. Even kids check out storage space in their intended bedrooms- corners of the closet, under the bed, and even in the middle of the room. No matter who we are or where we live, we are a species that needs storage.

We need storage because we all have our own personal stuff that is important to us. Whether it be keepsakes or collectibles, too much furniture, or just stuff we think we may need one day. No matter the reason, the need for storage is part of our lives. We leave our cars parked outside of the garage in the heat, rain and even hurricanes so we can store everything else we cannot part with inside the garage. Our closets are stacked so full it sometimes becomes dangerous to open the door.

The solution to this need to store our stuff was answered by the building and growth of storage facilities. It was the perfect solution. We could keep everything that was near and dear to us or that we felt we may need one day and still have our closets, garages, etc. for the things that belong in them, like clothes and cars. Not only could we put our needed possessions into storage but we could also store our holiday decorations. This frees up even more space in our homes, which relieves us of clutter and gives us the feeling of a neater, more spacious abode . That, in turn, whether we realize it or not, actually gives us a feeling of accomplishment. It enables us to find what we are looking for in the closet or cupboard and we can even vacuum under the bed. We can park our cars in the gagrage, which is more protective and could lead to a longer life for our cars. It’s easier to keep our homes looking neater and cleaner.

In my opinion, storage is a needed and necessary part of living. Besides from the things already mentioned, we need storage when we move or have a catastrophic emergency such as a fire or flooding to name a few. There are many reasons why people need and use storage. I am sure there are many more than than those I have touched on. Whatever your reason for choosing to store your possessions in a storage facility, welcome to the club. We are all members and will all have a need to use a storage facility at least once in our lives.

I have been a storage facility manager for 13 years, so here’s a few tips to help make your storage experience easier when it’s your turn to rent a storage unit.

  1. Location – find a facility close to your home or that you drive by everyday.
  2. Management – talk to the staff – choose locations that have friendly, knowledgeable staff to help you.
  3. Size – don’t get a unit that is too small to save on cost and don’t get a unit that is too large for your needs. Management should be able to help you with this.
  4. Cleanliness and Security – if the facility looks clean as you enter the premises, chances are the units will be the same. Find a facility that has security and video monitoring.
  5. Pest Control – a must at storage facilities.
  6. Price – the lowest price may not always be the best price. It may be worth paying a few extra dollars a month for a unit at a facility that offers all of the above plus later gate access and rent specials.

Happy Storage!

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