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Vehicle Self Storage Tips

Self storage units are a convenient place to store vehicles of virtually any type.  Keeping your car, truck, RV, ATV, golf cart, boat, motorcycle, jet ski or trailer at a storage facility frees up space on your property or in your garage.  Since most storage facilities rent on a month-to-month basis, this makes storing vehicles during the off-season or during extended periods of travel an excellent solution.

Accommodations for vehicle storage vary from facility to facility.  Some offer uncovered areas,  others provide parking lots with roofs.  Smaller vehicles like a jet skis and motorcycles can be stored inside a typical enclosed self storage unit.  Certain facilities have a dedicated area for RVS, with a choice of covered or uncovered parking spaces.

Most facilities have a few basic rules for vehicle storage.

Here are the storage requirements for your vehicle at StoreRight Self Storage.

A copy of the vehicle registration and title showing the Tenant as owner  it required at the time of rental and retained in your lease file in the management office.  Up to date insurance information must also be provided at the time of your lease and kept on file in the management office.

Tires must be inflated at all times.

No mechanical or restoration work should be performed on the property.

Vehicles must be complete working order, no motors or parts missing.

Must store all loose items in the trunk or the inside of the vehicle so that everything is out of sight.

Tenant is responsible for any damage caused by the stored vehicle, including but not limited to any damage from leaking fuel, oil , fluids, battery acids or similar leaks.

A parking permit may be provided to display on the vehicle, boat or trailer.

StoreRight is not responsible for any damage or theft to your vehicle.  You should insure your own vehicle as StoreRight does not insure your vehicle and the vehicle is the sole responsibility of the tenant.

StoreRight Self Storage  in Vero Beach offers both outside and inside storage for your vehicles.

Sizes vary from a 10×20, 10×25 for storing inside a garage type unit.  Outside parking spaces vary also depending on our location. (please call the facilities for exact sizes.)

We are located next store to a service station to help maintain your vehicle.

Some units have electrical outlets for charging batteries and lighting .

We maintain and clean and neat facility with security features, such as electronic gate with security code access  and recorder video surveillance.

Prices vary depending on size and whether it is inside or outside storage and your rental is   always on a month -to- month basis.

We welcome you to visit our facility today for a complete tour !!

StoreRight Self  Storage is the The Place, Right Price

StoreRight Self  Storage 5355 US HWY ONE





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