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When Was The Last Time You checked Your Storage Unit?

I’m as guilty as anyone, you put your things in storage and you have every intention of checking on it regularly but something always comes up and months go by (or maybe years) and you have no idea what’s going on in your unit. Well, neither do we!
Once you move into and lock your unit there’s no telling what’s going on in there. Here in Florida we get RAIN this time of year and even the best maintained buildings can spring a leak or have an invasion of creepy crawlers! We do our best to see to it that the buildings and roofs are kept in good repair and that all the common areas are sprayed regularly but we need your help! please check your unit and let us know if there are any issues that need to be addressed. Together we can keep a small issue from becoming a major one.

Self Storage and Law Enforcement

When operating a storage facility it’s important to have a positive relationship with your local police department and especially today with the recent tragedies on both sides of the law.   If your facility is located in a large city, this can be a big advantage for your self storage business.  You might  have a tenant issue or you have witness a crime in your area .  Building a relationship let’s them know that you care and you’re doing your part in the community.  The people that serve the community are also our customers.  I once had an officer chase down an individual that had damaged our gate.  He didn’t have to do that , but he did ! I have often seen him help other citizens will car problems at the service station next to our facility.   Do you have a customer that you really like and that person has been friendly to you.  You remember that person and you look out for them.  The same can apply with law enforcement.   Not only will they protect and serve, don’t be surprised to see referrals from them.   StoreRight offers a discount to local police, military and public safety professions.

If you haven’t already , take the time to become active in your community and build a relationship with your local law enforcement .  You want them on your side and they need to know you’re with them !

Best of the Best 2016 Citrus County Storage Facilities

best of best 2016 sticker

Guess what? StoreRight Self Storage in Lecanto is Best of the Best for 2016! 3 years in a row! Call us at 352-527-9777, we’re here to help you with your storage needs!

Or check us out at You can rent a unit on line, pay your bill on line, view pictures of the facility, etc.

Thanks again for all the votes, Citrus County!

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