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It is very important in today’s  world  for consumer’s  to be able to research on line the company they are considering doing business with.  Many of these potential customers rely on reviews to make their decisions.  With Google being the most popular search engine.  How often do you hear someone say ” Google it ” ?  StoreRight appreciates our customers and value their business.  That is why is so important that we get their feedback.   We want to know what You  think !   We are asking to please take a few moments and go to Google Maps , search StoreRight Self Storage Vero Beach and write a review .  Now if you don’t have a G Mail account, you must create one in order to complete a review.   All you have to do is : go to Google and in the top right hand corner click on gmail and then click on create an account.  It’s fast and easy .  Then you will be able to write a review for StoreRight and other business if you choose.   And to help promote this , with each review will be entered for a chance to win a $25.00 Visa Gift Card !!

We need your Help !!  Tells us what you think !  Write your review today , you could be a winner !!

StoreRight Self Storage  Right Place, Right Price !G

Making The Most Of Your Storage Experience

If you are going to rent a self storage unit, here are some tips to make the most of your space and keep your belongings safe from
Keeping Pests Out Of Your Unit
Place baits and traps in you unit. You can also use dryer sheets in corners and in your boxes (these should be replaced about once a month). Here at StoreRight Self Storage in Brooksville we do our best to maintain a pest free environment, all units are cleaned and treated prior to renting and all common areas are treated on a regular basis but once your unit is rented we are unable to access you unit, of course.
* Eliminate Moisture
Unless you are have a climate controlled unit, use plastic storage boxes with air tight lids instead of cardboard, allow space for ventilation around your items, use wooden pallets to keep items off concrete floor, place charcoal in a pie pan in you unit to help absorb moisture and odors and is you are storing appliances that normally use water ( washing machines, dish washers, etc), make sure to wipe out the inside with baking soda before you store them.
* To Prevent Dust and Dirt Buildup
Cover mattresses and box springs with mattress covers or two fitted sheets, use furniture covers to protect any items with fabric, coat wooden items with furniture polish to help keep dirt and dust off and treat metal items (tools, bicycles, etc ) with lubricant to help prevent rust.
* Avoid Damage
Use bubble wrap to protect fragile items. make sure to fill boxes to prevent items from shifting, label boxes containing fragile items and store them last to prevent heavier boxes being placed on top of them.
* Maximize Space
Store small items on bookshelves or shelving units, when storing dressers, store items in the drawers, disassemble beds and tables and tape sandwich bags with the screws and small parts to the piece, and vacuum seal clothing, bedding, linens, etc.
* Easy Access
Leave an aisle in your unit to prevent having to move stacks of boxes to get to one item, label each box with key items inside, place furniture sliders under heavy pieces, and make an inventory of the contents of your unit.

With a little pre- planning your storage experience will be pleasant and stress free.

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