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Storage Insurance

On October 7th of this month Hurricane Matthew made its way up the east coast.  We were very fortunate here in Vero Beach with only some beach erosion , tree  and minor residence damage.   Our facility had zero  damage !! We still have one more month of hurricane season left and if you still do not  have insurance on your storage unit,,  you can purchase a policy with us.  The cost is very inexpensive and you can cancel the policy at any time.  .  These storms are very unpredictable and you never know what damage can occur.   Hurricane season is June through November.  Although purchase of insurance is NOT a requirement of StoreRight, we do recommend it !   If you purchase a disc or cylinder lock there in no deductible for  a claim.  ($100 deductible without this type of lock) .  If a loss occurs you can relax… the claim agents are the best in the industry and are ready to help !!  All claims are settled in a timely manner.  Storeright Self storage managers are not  insurance agents , but  work with the Bader Insurance Company.   Any questions or concerns will be directed  to a qualified  Bader insurance  agent.  You can call us or stop by the office during business hours (Monday – Friday 9-6 , Saturday’s 9-5 ) to purchase a policy  or any questions about coverage.    StoreRight Self Storage   Right Place, Right Price

Holiday Decorating Season

Decorating season is upon us and over the next couple of months we’ll be changing our decor several times putting up the ghosts and pumpkins, changing that out for Pilgrims and turkeys and then Santa Claus and Christmas trees. That’s a lot of stuff to be circulating through your home in a relatively short period of time but with a little thought and planning you’ll save yourself and aggravation.
Decide what decorations go where and group them together. Keep your outdoor decorations with other outdoor pieces and indoor pieces with other indoor pieces. As you pack them away. make sure to label the containers (Halloween lawn decorations, Thanksgiving kitchen decorations, etc).
Wrap breakables. Using bubble wrap not only protects your items but it can be used and reused and it’s clear so you can see what’s inside.
Choose the right container for your items. It may be tempting to get one big box and put everything in it but if the box is too big, items can shift and break. Consider investing in plastic storage totes that protect from moisture and don’t provide a food source for all those nasty creepy crawlies this climate seems to attract. These often are sold in colors around the holiday season (orange and black at Halloween, red and green at Christmas) to help you find the right totes.
Never store edibles! That candy cane wreath may look pretty but after a year in storage the thrill will be long gone and, while the bugs and critters may thank you, no one else will.
Once you get the containers to your storage unit, try to keep all the Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving boxes together. It will save time next year if you can grab all the boxes for each holiday at once and you won’t have to hunt around for stray packages. Since you won’t need these for another year, you can store the holiday items in a corner or along the back wall so you won’t have to shift them around when you are getting more frequently used items.

Packing Tips from StoreRight Self Storage Lecanto


No one likes to move, right? Here’s a few tips to make things easier:

1. Pack a tote bag.

This way you can keep essentials with you at all times. In the bag, pack: any prescription medicines you take on a regular basis, plus maybe some type of over the counter headache/muscle ache pain reliever!!!

Also include toiletries such as your toothbrush, deoderant, etc…That way you know where that stuff is.

A phone charger is important! You don’t want a dead phone, while you’re in the middle of a move.

If you have kids, the tote bag is a good place to stash a few non-perishable snacks, plus a change of clothes, maybe a special new toy.

If you don’t keep your contacts on your cell phone, make sure you have a list of important numbers with you in the tote, like your kids’ pediatrician’s phone number, your moving company’s phone number, the electric company’s phone number, StoreRight Self Storage Lecanto 352-527-9777, pizza delivery number, etc.

2. Set up an “Open First” box.

Seriously, this is a lifesaver. Keep this box handy to OPEN FIRST. Include toilet paper & hand soap for your new bathroom, box cutter, paper towels, trash bags, eating utensils, power strips, phone chargers, flashlight, first aid kit, bottle of wine, corkscrew, etc. corkscrew


3. When you’re packing all your stuff.

Ahead of time, if you can, try to purge. Moving is a great time to donate items to charity. And the less stuff you move, the less stuff you have to unpack!

Use the right size boxes. Put heavy items, like books, in small boxes; light items, like linens and pillows, in bigger ones.

Don’t leave empty spaces in the boxes. Fill in gaps with clothing, towels, or packing paper. We sell packing paper at StoreRight Self Storage Lecanto. It works great and no stained fingers, like with newspaper.
Label each box with the room it’s destined for and a description of its contents. Do not label anything miscellaneous!

Tape boxes well. Use a couple of pieces of tape to close the bottom and top seams, then use one of the movers’ techniques―making a couple of wraps all the way around the box’s top and bottom edges, where stress is concentrated.

Don’t skimp on the tape. No point being skimpy with the tape because you won’t save money if you end up with broken stuff. Buy enough tape at StoreRight Self Storage Lecanto.

Besides, if you have any leftover packing tape, you can use it to wrap gifts! It will be hilarious watching the recipient try to open the gift!

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