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StoreRight Self Storage Organization tips for the New Year.

Beginning the New Year with organization may seem like a daunting task and feel like you are moving a mountain, however the benefits of being organized far out-way the challenge.

Some of the benefits of being organized…

1. Cleanliness – You will have a more attractive and inviting home.

2. Less stress – You will reduce your stress level because you are not looking for lost items in your clutter.

3. Save time – You will have more time to do other things because you are not wasting your time looking for items.

Pack your items and bring them to StoreRight Self Storage we have many units climate controlled and those that our accessible from the outside with out A/C.

As a Tenant you will have access from 6AM to 8PM , 365 days .

Our office is open 9AM to 6PM Monday thru Friday and 9 AM to PM on Saturdays.

We are not open Sundays and major holidays.

If you need a rental truck to move your items, please give us a call and will can give you a quote on a Penske Truck Rental.

StoreRight also sells moving and packing supplies.

Please feel free to give us a call if you are considering storage as an option. We will be more than happy to show you around our secure and clean facility and help you find the correct size unit that will fit your needs.  You can stop by and our staff will be happy to give you a tour of the facility.

StoreRight Self Storage, Right Place , Right Price !

StoreRight Self Storage Manager, Eloise Miller, final blog

This will be the last blog I will write as the Manager of StoreRight Self Storage at 6400 State Road 544, Winter Haven, Fl. I am retiring after almost 19 years in the Self Storage Business with the last 3+ years being with StoreRight Self Storage. I am looking forward to a new life of independence, health and relaxation. I have made many friends over the years with many tenants who have rented Self Storage from me and will miss seeing them regularly. Each and every one of them have contributed to my success as a Storage Facility Manager by their suggestions for improvements, kind words of Gratitude and friendliness in general. As a Self Storage Manager, I have met all kinds of people. Each, with their own unique needs and stories. I treasure them all. My tenants have taught me tolerance, compassion, understanding, consideration and the importance of individuality. For these lessons learned, I am grateful to my Self Storage Tenants. Thank you for your Business over the years and I hope you continue to be a StoreRight Self Storage customer and Friend. I also wish the very best for the StoreRight Self Storage Company. They have grown very quickly over the past 5 years and are continuing on that path. I have learned to know many of the StoreRight Self Storage employees and have grown very fond of some of them. They will always be considered a part of me. So, “thank you” to you all. My, currently, Assistant Manager, Kayla, will be stepping into the StoreRight Self Storage Managerial postion and will be hiring a new ” Assistant Manager” for her team. All customers will receive the same great customer service as always. Thank you to everyone who has touched my life. Remember– StoreRight Self Storage. Right Place. Right Price. With Sincerest regards. Eloise

Happy New Year! Time to get organized, people!

Happy New Year from StoreRight Self Storage Lecanto!   We hope the new year brings health, wealth and happiness!  New year, new start!  What better time than the new year, to work on getting organized?   StoreRight Self Storage can help!

Have you put your holiday decorations away in a nice and neat spot?     Or are they jammed in a closet and falling down on your head, when you open the door?   Not safe!  Or are you constantly tripping over things in your garage?   Is your expensive car sitting in the driveway, baking in the sun?  Ruining the paint?  We can help!

Start by gathering all your holiday items, you can pack up Halloween, Thanksgiving, Fall, Christmas, etc….and get it OUT of your garage.  You won’t need any of it for months, so why trip over it?   Bring it all here to StoreRight.   Put the car in garage!  You’ll be glad you did!    Your vehicle is a big investment, plus you use it every day, so keep it in the garage.   Bring your holiday stuff here!   We have small units, just perfect for out of season storage.  You’ll feel so much better if your house and garage and closets are organized and clutter free.

Give us a call at 352-527-9777 to discuss the various storage options we have for you!  We can help you with both climate controlled storage and non-climate units!  Let’s make a fresh start in 2016!


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