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A Few Self-Storage Tips

A couple of self storage tips for everyone:

• Try to use boxes that are a uniform size, they’re easier to stack (remember; keep the heavy ones on the bottom and the light ones on top).

• Leave small walkways between the boxes and furniture in your storage unit so you can easily get to the items you want without having to move anything around.

• If you’re storing a lot of packing boxes in your …unit, try to fill them to the top, even if it’s just with padding and old, crumpled newspapers. Boxes that are only half-filled tend to collapse if anything’s placed on them.

• If you’re putting any metal objects into storage – like lawnmowers or file cabinets – it’s best to treat them with rust protector first, or at least wipe them down with an oily rag.

How did you hear about us ?

Self storage customers increasingly are hearing the question, ” How did you hear about us ? ” on the phone or at the counter when inquiring about storage.  The answer can lead to new business processes and may even change the direction of a company’s marketing strategy.

Self  Storage facilities need to know what’s working.  Is it really the internet or as many have discovered, because you planted new flowers out front.  Some customers say they were attracted to the facility because they notice recent landscaping improvement or something on marquee sign attracted their attention.  By asking the right questions, storage members can draw out what’s working with new customers.  Many times, it’s not what you think.   More often than not, tenants say ” You were the only manager that I talked with who was nice to me on the phone.’  When customers were asked they tend to cite more personal connection with a person than with all the features and benefits.

Finding out how customers end up at a store’s counter is vital information because of the marketing implications.  Why the chose us is very important, but how they heard about us is equally important .   It has been determined  that 35 percent of the time they were referred by someone or they simply use the yellow pages.

Referrals have been a good source of new business in self storage industry.  Here at StoreRight we have a referral program that benefits customers who are currently tenants , for those past tenants and also for local businesses.

StoreRight Self Storage appreciates the great customers  we have and we want more customers just like you !!  Since most people associate with like minded individuals, we know you have friends or family the could benefit from the space that storage provides.  And who better to facilitate the than StoreRight Self  Storage ?

For each referral our tenants give us, we will give them One Month Free Rent !!

Come visit us today and see why StoreRight is the Right Place, Right Price for all your storage  needs.

First Month for $1.00



Consider this

There are many benefits on deciding to use self-storage. Most people think “I don’t need storage, I am not moving.” Consider this for a moment, I am sure there are many times that you have looked around your house and had many thoughts on your stuff. Why do I have all this stuff in my house? Man, I really like this but it just does not fit in my house! I really want to paint this room but what do I do with the stuff in it while I am?  I want to ship this to my family member but I do not have the right box. All these thoughts, even the last, can be fixed with one stop to a self-storage near you, preferably StoreRight Self-Storage.

Let’s look at the first thought. Why do I have all this stuff in my house? In time people accumulate items for various reasons. A family member passes and the item is either a keepsake or an inheritance. You get married and now you have to of everything. You have a child and suddenly you need to make that spare room into a nursery. I have no doubt you can come up with several more if you thought about the items in your own home. So Storage is a reasonable idea it gets them out of your home clearing the clutter and with competitive prices it is also affordable. StoreRight even gives you one more reason to store it. If you do get to the point where you can bare to part with the items, twice a year we have a yard sale. So storing with us not only means you get the items out of your home you also get a chance to make money off them.

Now let’s look at the next thought. Man, I really like this but it just does not fit in my house. I do not know about you but this happens to me all the time. Then I get something else and it is perfect for a while then something changes and I wish I still had the original time. I think people as a whole our tastes change and sometime they change back. Although this happens to some men, being a lady myself, I am addressing the lady with this. It is our right to change our minds. So rather than give away, sell or irritate our other halves by putting it out in the garage why not get a storage unit? It will be there whenever you want it and StoreRight’s rates are very reasonable.

I really want to paint this room but what do I do with the stuff while I am? Now I know some people would think just move it to the middle of the room and put a tarp on it. Well I hate to say it, paint finds a way. It never fails no matter how careful I am paint is going to get on something. Yes you could move it into a different room but now you have to walk around it while you are painting and that gets to be a chore especially if you are in a small home or have lots of family members. That is the great thing about StoreRight, our leases our month to month. Just want it for a month? No problem! That also gives you a nice relaxed amount of time to get the job done and done right! That is why they call us Store”Right”.

I do not believe people connect the last statement with self-storage very often. “I want to ship this to a family member but I do not have the right box”. Self-storage is an untapped tool for this kind of task. StoreRight especially, we make a point to have several different size boxes for any need imaginable. From very small to very large and every awkward shape in between. You have a set of golf club you want to ship to your grandson, no problem we have a box for that. That is not all; want to send the family dishes to your daughter? We not only have the box but also a kit the fits in the box to decrease the possibility of breakage.

So that takes you through some possible things to consinder that you make think of and not even know self-storage could be the answer. I write this in hopes that in turn when you do think about self-storage, think StoreRight. Right Place. Right Price.


The Florida Self  Storage Association is a not for profit group of Florida self storage owners, operators, management personnel and vendors with a common goal.  The FSSA was founded in 1999 by a small group of operators in south Florida that quickly grew to a statewide organization by 2001 with more than 100 members.  Today, the FSSA boasts a substantial 966 members with an annualized budget of over $250,000.

“The mission of the Florida Self  Storage Association is to ensure the stability and growth of the self storage industry by providing a forum in which members may increase knowledge through educational opportunities, exchange information and promote an established unified voice. ”

FSSA membership provides, among other things: educational programs for owners and their management staff; executive retreat- a day designed to promote “out of the box ” thinking for owners/developers while exchanging ideas and networking; discounts on FSSA-sponsored events; quarterly FSSA magazine; complimentary subscription to Mini Storage Messenger; FSSA networking events with guest speakers; discount advertising opportunities; leadership and open lines of communication on issues affecting the industry; opportunities to increase knowledge of the industry through research; discussion and exchange of information and an information pipeline for legislative and legal changes in the state.  Membership as you can see has it benefits.

The FSSA and SSA are continuing the fight in 2013.  This past year Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed into law updates to the 33-year old Self -Service Storage Act, capping a two-and-a-half year effort by the national Self Storage Association(SSA) and the Florida Self Storage Association (FSSA) to improve the regulations that govern the lien process in the Sunshine State.  In 2013 they  plan on seizing the momentum and continuing efforts to save owner/operators unnecessary and ineffective expenses.

For more information and to order the new publication, visit FSSA online store at

StoreRight Self  Storage is a proud member and will be attending the Educational Conference & Expo March 19-22 in Orlando.

Pre-conference activities include:  Developers Seminar, Sales and Marketing and a legal Seminar.

Conference Agenda: Keynote Speaker, Storage Summit; Panel discussion; Education tracks; Expo Showcasing; Round tables; Vendor Exhibits and Cocktail reception.




Frequently Asked Questions about StoreRight Self-Storage

What is Self-Storage?

Self-Storage facilities provide individualized units in larger facilities for lease or rent to protect items that may or may not be needed on a daily basis.  Units can be drive-up or climate controlled and air-conditioned.  Self-Storage as it is known today began to give tenants easy in/out access to their goods – a service not available through moving and shipping companies. Self-Storage allows tenants who are relocating, selling their home, or looking for a little extra space

What size units are available?

Air Conditioned unit sizes:   3.5×3.5 (locker), 4×5, 5×5, 5×10, 5×12, 10×5, 10×10, 10×15, 10×20, 10×25

Drive-up Standard unit sizes:  5×10, 10×10, 10×15, 10×20, 10×25, 10×30

Parking Spaces: 9×16

Why are some units air-conditioned?

Air-conditioned environments create a safer space for your delicate valuables. Items such as photo-albums, portraits, furs or fur lined coats, mattresses and blankets, etc. all benefit in the long term by being stored in an air-conditioned environment, where humidity and heat may affect their quality.

What are gate access hours?

Standard gate access hours are seven days a week, from 6am to 8pm.  Special accommodations can be made for business who need additional access.

What if I have questions or concerns?

StoreRight of Vero Beach has a full time maintenance staff, and our office staff is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm, and Saturday’s from 9am to 5pm to answer any of your questions or address facility concerns.

What can I store in my unit?

Just about anything can be stored in your unit with a few exceptions:

It isn’t a good idea to store personal prescriptions or irreplaceable family heirlooms.  Several items are prohibited such as, combustibles (i.e., gasoline, paints or aerosols) ammunition, pets, perishables or stolen goods.  You also cannot live in your unit.

Will my possessions be safe?

There are no guarantees that accidents won’t happen, but we take great care in protecting your goods.  Part of that care involves 24 hour Closed-Circuit video surveillance, secured and coded entry and exit gates as well as code-entry doorways.  We have large, well-lit drives and fully lighted hallways to make seeing your items easier.

Do I have to have insurance on my storage?

While we highly recommend you insure your items, we neither require nor insure your property for you.  We do offer a la carte insurance options starting as low as $8 dollars a month.  This option can be selected at any time and will be added into the rent for your unit. Be sure to discuss the options with our office staff if you wish to add insurance to your unit.

How do I decide which size unit I need?

There are a few general guidelines we follow when recommending storage, but ultimately the choice is yours.

  • Locker units: approximately the size of a car trunk; good for golf bags or a few pieces of luggage.
  • 4×5: comparable to a small closet
  • 5×5: comparable to a medium closet; a chest of drawers, twin size mattress set or several plastic bins and boxes
  • 5×10 or 5×12: comparable to a large walk-in closet; mattress sets, single sofa, one small bedrooms furniture
  • 10×10: comparable to a small bedroom; two rooms of furniture, patio furnishings or a riding lawnmower and tools
  • 10×15: comparable to 3/4 of a single car garage; 2 bedroom home’s furnishings
  • 10×20: comparable to a one car garage; vehicles; 3 and 4 bedroom homes furnishings, appliances and even small watercraft
  • 10×25: comparable to a large garage; vehicles 3 or 4 bedroom home’s furnishings, small boats, business equipment
  • 10×30: comparable sq footage to a 2 car garage; vehicles, small boats, up to 5 bedroom home’s furnishings, business tools and equipment.

What you store and how you store it are the biggest factors in determining the right size storage unit.

How long is my lease?

With StoreRight your lease is month to month. We pro-rate rents on the move-in but not on the move-out, so as long as you’ve given written notice and are out of your unit by the last day of the month, you aren’t bound to the next month’s rent.

Renting a storage unit with StoreRight is easy, fast and affordable.  Please contact us at (772) 562-6228 if you have any questions that weren’t answered in the above listing.  We look forward to meeting you and caring for your goods!

StoreRight Self-Storage…Right Place…Right Price

StoreRight Yard Sale Coming Up

Here is some interesting reading to get you ready for StoreRight Self-Storage’s yard sale on March 9th at 8:00a.m… The tenants that signed up will be going through the storage unit this month and deciding what they want to sell. I think that Self-Storage yard sales are the best kind, the reason? These people took the time to pay to store their items so I believe the quality of stuff in a Self-Storage yard sale may be a bit higher. Those of you who are yard sale “lookie lou’s” know what I mean. StoreRight also works closely with the Blood Mobile and when we have events like this you will always have the opportunity to give blood and if you do StoreRight will buy you lunch from whatever vendor we have at the event. Blood in our area is in short supply especially O. It is StoreRight’s way of helping the community we love. Like StoreRight on facebook and stay tuned for more info about this event and many more to come in the future.

What is a Yard Sale?

A yard sale, also known as a garage sale, rummage sale, tag sale, attic sale, moving sale, porch sale, barn sale or junk sale, is an event for the sale of used items by private individuals. Sellers are not required to obtain business licenses or collect sales tax however, there are several states that have introduced legislation to make income from a yard sale reportable. Typically, the items in a yard sale are unwanted items from the household with the home owners conducting the sale. The items are sometimes new, like-new, or just usable, and offered for sale because the owner does not want or need the item. Popular motivations for a garage sale are “spring cleaning” or the owners are moving to a new residence, to even getting some well-earned spending money. The seller displays their items to the passers-by or those responding to either signs, fliers, or newspaper ads. Sometimes local television stations will broadcast a sale on the local public channel. The sales venue is typically a garage, driveway, carport, front yard, porch, or occasionally, the interior of a house. Some vendors, known as ‘squatters’, will set up in a highly trafficked area, and not on their own property. Staples of garage sales include old clothing, books, toys, household knick-knacks, lawn and garden tools, sports equipment, and board games. Larger items like furniture and occasionally home appliances are also sold. Garage sales occur most frequently in suburban areas on good-weather weekends, and usually have designated hours for the sale. Buyers who arrive before the hours of the sale to review the items are known as “Early Birds;” they often are collectors, restorers or resellers. Such sales also attract people who are searching for bargains or for rare and unusual items. Bargaining, also known as haggling, on prices is routine, and items may or may not have price labels affixed. The origin of the modern day yard sale is not really known. For centuries, people have simply laid out a few items on a table or a blanket and bartered for goods and services in exchange for other items of like value or whatever currency that was appropriate for their location.



Right Place. Right Price.

More Than A Storage Facility

Storage is more than a square unit to store your exces stuff in. Most people don’t realize what the Managers at StoreRight Self Storage do as part of their jobs. These additional duties are what make StoreRight Self Storage more than just a storage facility. Sure, we rent units and take payments and handle move-outs just like all other storage facilities, but things that set us apart from other storage facilities is what we do behind the scenes.

Our number one goal at StoreRight Self Storage is customer service and we strive to be the best. Our tenants can attest to that.We have a pretty and appealing facility that offers 24 hour access, as well as great lighting and security.

In addition to that, which is pretty much expected from us by our tenants, StoreRight Self Storage is a member of the Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce and attend their events. We also host our own events, which we do to benefit local charities. StoreRight is currently hosting a giveaway on our Facebook page, StoreRight Self Storage Winter Haven. You still have time to enter. You must “like” our page, not just our status to qualify. You have a 1 in 200 chance of winning a Zeepad Android Tablet, but you must act quickly since we are only taking 200 likes for this giveaway.

StoreRight also offers specials on rental storage units, both regular and climate control with 7 different sizes plus outside parking and you can even qualify for free rent. StoreRight sells boxes and packing supplies for your convenience and our friendly Manager and Assistant Manager will carry your purchase to your car for you. StoreRight has a Notary Public on site during weekdays and we offer money saving coupons and other area business brochures in our office dispaly rack.

We, at StoreRight Self Storage, not only want to be the best storage facility, we want to be your storage facility. Won’t you call us today? 863-421-5772 and go “like” us on Facebook now.

Waikele Gulch provided safekeeping for military munitions, including nuclear warheads from 1940 to ’93

Bunkers stored munitions from 1940 to ’93

By Alan Yonan Jr.

POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, Apr 09, 2011
LAST UPDATED: 09:04 a.m. HST, Apr 09, 2011

For most of their history, the World War II-era storage bunkers in Waikele Gulch provided safekeeping for military munitions, including nuclear warheads.

In 2003, the Navy sold the 515-acre site to a private company that converted it into a successful storage facility that is now 94 percent occupied.

Most of the 128 bunkers cut into the sides of the gulch are leased to industrial companies, including manufacturers, construction firms and painting contractors that store their materials there, said Mark Ambard, the facility’s leasing agent.

“At 39 cents a square foot, the space is cheap,” he said of the 4,000-square-foot bunkers.

The location of the bunker rented by Donaldson Enterprises was chosen because it met requirements set by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms regarding the distance fireworks must be stored from an inhabited area, Ambard said.

“This is a terrible situation, but it would have been a lot worse if it happened in an area like Mapunapuna,” he said.

The site, formerly known as the Naval Ammunition Depot, Waikele Branch, was bought in 2003 by Ford Island Properties, a joint venture of mainland firms Hunt Building Co. and Fluor Federal Services LLC. Ford Island Properties also bought or secured leases for several other underused Navy properties on Oahu under a deal made possible by special legislation approved by Congress in 1999.

The sprawling Waikele complex was used for weapons storage from 1940 until 1993, according to the Navy. The bunkers housed as much as 56,000 tons of explosives, including nuclear warheads during the 1960s.

The property lay unused from 1993 until Ford Island Properties bought the site in 2003. Ford Island brought in an affiliate of local real-estate development firm Hawaiian Island Development Co. headed by Peter Savio to market the property as storage space.

A partnership led by local publishing executive and entrepreneur Peter W. Cannon leased 23 of the tunnel-like bunkers and built storage lockers inside them ranging from 25 square feet to 300 square feet. The venture, which operates as Waikele Self Storage, offers space at prices that are as much as 25 percent lower than conventional storage facilities on Oahu.

The other 105 bunkers, including the one rented by Donaldson Enterprises, are unimproved spaces with no electricity or running water. The bunkers rent for about $1,600 a month with a minimum lease of three years.

As Valentines Day Approaches…

You’re probably asking yourself, “how does storage relate to Valentines Day?” Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret: it turns out mess isn’t romantic!

As we approach what is known as the most romantic holiday of the year, it behooves us to plan ahead and prepare both our lives and our homes for the possible drop-over of a loved one.  Perhaps a romantic dinner is in order, or a sappy RomCom from Netflix complete with popcorn and candy. Imagine, as you gaze lovingly into your partners eyes that the wine falls over and spills all over this years tax returns.  Or perhaps in order to fit you and your honey on the sofa, you have to move boxes of photo albums, last weeks laundry and that guitar you have from college…can you see it?  What a mood killer!

Both Glamour ( and Cosmopolitan ( magazines ran articles about what your apartment say’s about you. While they tended to stick to the signals that your stuff gives off about your personality, I couldn’t help but think about what mess says to those around you – especially prospective partners in life.  Does anyone other than me remember with fondness, the Friends episode where Ross was dating his dream girl and when he visited her apartment his dream became a nightmare. Clothes, memorabilia, boxes and just plain stuff everywhere.  Jen Doll, staff writer for The Atlantic Wire, refers to messy apartments as “relationship killers” in her article “The Apartments Most In Need Of Spring Cleaning, (March 2012;

Don’t lose out on love because of extra “stuff”.  Let StoreRight help you this Valentine’s Day by providing clean, affordable, secure storage for all those photo albums, drum kits and boxes full of college text books you don’t use every day.  We pro-rate your rent on the move-in, have great specials and offer some of the industry’s best features in security and maintenance.  Call us today, reserve a storage unit, and we’ll help put you on the track to romantic success – all you need is the date!

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