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Introducing Julie!

We would like to welcome Julie to the team here in Ocala!  Julie has been a stay at home mom for the last 17 years to her three daughters, Rachel, Katie and Emily,  but has been a volunteer with the Marion County Schools for most of those years.  She has served on the Executive Board of the Mighty Colt Regiment Band Boosters, as well as managed to raise over a quarter of a million dollars through book fairs for our schools, in addition to many other volunteer fundraising efforts for many of our local organizations.  We are excited to have Julie on board and would like to ask you all to welcome her to our Ocala office!

Julie Rochlin, our new assistant manager

The New Kid In Town

I just wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself. I’m Mindy and I’m the “new kid” here in Brooksville. I’ll be here helping Dawn a couple of mornings a week and on Saturdays.

I’m really happy to be here! The staff is great and I’ve had the chance to meet a few of our terrific family of customers. Everyone has been so warm and welcoming!

So, if you are in  the area, please stop in and say “Hi”! I  am looking forward to meeting you!

The Rising Star of Self Storage/ Article taken from US Storage News

Storage Wars may have put the self-storage industry in the spotlight, but the self-storage industry has been a rising star long before that.  In the past 15 years, the self-storage industry has exploded in growth and continues to be a niche industry with solid returns and investors.  The numbers say it all:  The US share of the global self storage market is 86%, 50,100 of 58,000 storage units worldwide.  The quantity of US storage space doubled in the last decade from 1 billion to 2.2 billion square feet.  That’s an area 3 times the size of Manhattan.  1 in 10 Americans owned a storage unit in 2011, a 65% increase in 15 years.  Total revenues from the self storage industry were approximately $22 billion in 2010.

What is the driving force behind this growth ? It is likely a combination of several cultural factors.  Unlike previous generations that typically stayed put. Americans are increasingly mobile, moving an average of 11 times during their lives.  Also as an increasing amount of people are becoming Ebay and Amazon entrepreneurs, they need extra space to store their inventory.  Another factor may be the phasing out of the attic.  Fewer homes than ever are being built with an attic, creating a need for external self storage.

Despite the economic downturn, the self storage business continues to thrive.  The real reason behind the Industry’s endurance may be deceptively simple.  According to Clemente Teng, Vice President of investor relations for Public Storage, ” People always think, I’ll just house it for a couple of months and then get it all out, but the problem is once you get all your stuff in , the last thing you want to do is spend a Saturday cleaning it out.

No Vacancy

No vacancy is usually the sign reserved for motels. However, it is occasionally needed for Self Storage Facilities. you may be shocked to hear that, since you seldom have been told there are no vacancies when you inquire about storage. Perhaps the size you needed was not available, but no vacancies. It can and does happen. Not often, but it does occur from time to time. What sets these self storage facilities apart from the others? The others being those storage facilities that always have all sizes available, that have few, if any, cars in their parking lots, and that have very little activity at their locations. The difference is many things. Location, of course, is the major asset, but is only one of the elements involved. Storage rates, access hours, cleanliness, and curb appeal also play a role in the successful storage facility. In my opinion, the most important and valuable asset any storage fcaility can possess is customer service. When the customer is treated with respect and sincerity, it tends to form an instant bond between customer and staff. StoreRight Self Storage at 6400 State Road 544 in Winter Haven, Florida has a staff that truly believes in real customer service. The customers needs are the number one priority at StoreRight Self Storage. We listen, then suggest the best size unit or outside parking space for each individual customer to fit their budget. When we couple this with one of our “specials”, add free 24 hour gate access at a facility that has curb appeal, plus a neat and clean appearance with the perfect location, it is easy to see why it might be possible to see a “No Vacancy” sign. StoreRight does still have storage units and outside parking spaces available to rent, but as people realize StoreRight Self Storage is different than most storage facilities, the ” No vacancy” becomes more possible. Make sure you choose a self storage that cares about you, your possessions, and your needs. Make sure you choose StoreRight Self Storage BEFORE the “No Vacancy” sign appears.

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