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The Changing World Of Self Storage

When the world of Self Storage first began, Storage was used mostly by those who were moving from one location to another. The length of time these folks needed Storage was short and usually limited by their budgets. It wasn’t long, however, that Business Entrepreneurs realized there could be more need for Self Storage for many more reasons than relocating. After research, studies, trial runs and some failures, the Storage business began to grow. People were beginning to put excess items they had in Storage in order to have more living space in their homes. Other Businesses realized they could put files and equiptment into Storage and expand their office or warehouse to increase their productivity. More money was to be made with more space. After the Self Storage business began to improve, many more Facilities opened. Since there were more Self Storage Facilities, it became more convenient to find a facility closer to one’s area. It didn’t take long for the Business World to realize they needed to be part of the Self Storage Facility world. A lot has changed from the earliest Self Storage world to now. Most folks have several Self  Storage Facilities within a short driving distance of their home or job. Climate Control units, Gated Facilities, Security, Outdoor lighting, Covered outside lighted parking with electrical hook up options and 24 hour access have made Self Storage much more desirable to the Public. In addition, packing and moving supplies and moving trucks have been added for the convenience of the customer. Today, there are a variety of reasons people need and use Self Storage. It’s not just for moving anymore. In addition, the Self Storage Industry is more involved in the Community and many are area Chamber of Commerce  and other local group members. Events are held several times a year at most Self Storage Facilities to promote marketing and advertisement. These events are public oriented and also serve to help others in the community such as Charities and the Blood Bank. Yes, to say the world of Self Storage is changing is a real understatement. Everyone will use a Self Storage Facility at least once in their lifetime. Some, many times. Probably the biggest and best advancement in the Self Storage Business is the improvement of “Customer Service”. Although “Customer Service” has always been important to the customer, Storage Facility Managers have taken those words to levels. Put it to the test— go to StoreRighr Self Storage at 6400 State Road 544, Winter Haven, Fl.  33881 for a first hand experience of REAL Customer Service. See you soon.

Great Reviews from New Storage Tenants at StoreRight Self Storage Lecanto!

Here is some recent feedback from a couple of new tenants at StoreRight Self Storage, in Lecanto: 

“Thank you so much, Nancy.  We are pleased with our new storage unit!”

” Thanks. All went in the unit well. You guys are awesome! “

Nice to hear that our tenants think we’re doing a good job!   Give us a call at 352-527-9777, we’ll be happy to help you with your storage needs:  air conditioned units, non-air conditioned, plus we have a couple parking spots available!

Right Place, Right Price.  StoreRight!  Voted Best of the Best, by the readers of the Citrus County Chronicle, 2014.  


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