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New Special on our 10×10 Non-Climate Units. They are $59.99 a month. Rent now through the end of December 2018 and you’ll receive the first two months half off!!

Auction Day!!!!

Auction day can be exciting and dreadful at the same time. I am in the same boat as the buyers. I have no idea what is behind that magical door. I do not see what is there beforehand, so I can be amazed or bewildered. Maybe the tenant ran out on the rent and left me an empty unit. Maybe it will be filled with treasures. I highly recommend everyone to go to a storage unit auction at least once. While our auctions do mirror the tv show “Storage Wars,” we follow all the Florida state statutes. Sending a unit to auction is not an easy process. We make every attempt to help the customer keep their belongings. Once we have exhausted all those attempts the fun begins. Like I said come out to one of our auctions and get caught up in the excitement. You really know what you are going to find!!!

There goes January…..

As I close out January I am sitting in my office with my favorite thing, a label maker.  Nothing makes a person more ready for organizing than a label maker.  If you add boxes to the mix you are armed and ready. When getting any kind of storage project ready for takeoff  take your time, sort and label. Label everything and label it again.  I have seen  (and been there myself) people digging apart boxes to find that one thing.  In my experience there is no such thing as too much information.  When you are in a hurry or frantically searching for that item, you will be thankful for all that information.  After a while you will find that label maker to be very addictive.  From spice racks, sock drawers, cabinets, and just about everything in between.  Don’t worry your family will fall in line as well after a while.  It’s a whole new world you must explore!!! Enjoy!!  Julie #ocala8 #labelit

December 27th …Now What…

When looking at the aftermath of Christmas consider self storage. The price is worth the piece of mind you will get. A New Year. A clean house. A fresh start. Every home can use the extra room and let’s be honest, it’s one less thing to pick up move all year. Pick a facility that has has climate control and really good pest control. Those two things already have your garage or attic beat! Get online and check out the great storage options for lights and ornaments. There are so many DIY projects out there. If you have not already done so get on Pinterest!! It has so much information to help you get though those dreary January days ahead. Happy New Year from StoreRight Ocala 8

Happy Summer!!!

We are in full swing of summer, in Florida that means hurricane season. I like to remind my customers that anything can happen in a moments notice. Storms can go from cat 1 to cat 4 overnight. Take the time and spent the few extra dollars to protect what you have.

Have You Checked Your Storage Unit Lately?

I’m as guilty as anyone, you put your things in storage and you have every intention of checking on it regularly but something always comes up and months go by (or maybe years) and you have no idea what’s going on in your unit. Once you move into and lock your unit we have no way of telling what’s going on in there. This is our rainy season, and even the best maintained buildings can spring a leak or have an invasion of creepy crawlers! We do our best to ensure the buildings and roofs are kept in good repair and that all the common areas are sprayed regularly but we need your help! Please check your unit and let us know if there are any issues that need to be addressed. Together we can keep a small issue from becoming a major one.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – #SeeBeyondThePink

This is an excerpt of a blog post written by a very close and dear friend of our manager, Christie.  She is battling Triple Negative, Stage IV, Inflammatory Breast Cancer – it is a very aggressive form of breast cancer.  (“Because of its high rate of metastasis, inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) has a poor prognosis compared with non-inflammatory types of breast cancer (non-IBC).” – IBC Research Foundation”)

“As someone with breast cancer, I prefer you give your time and/or money to a nonprofit that focuses on research or one that gives their products or services freely to the breast cancer patient.  (Several big-name organizations sell donated products to cancer patients.)  Two of my favorite organizations that fit into those categories are The IBC Network Foundation and Awesome Breast Forms.  The IBC Network Foundation is a volunteer organization (Meaning your donation does not go to someone’s salary.) that raises money for research.  To learn more about the IBC Network Foundation and get involved check out  Awesome Breast Forms is exactly what it says it is.  They are a nonprofit made up of volunteer knitters and crocheters all across the country who make breast forms for women who have gone through mastectomies and lumpectomies.  Contact them to become one of their awesome creators or to receive a breast form,
Let’s create a different October this year.  Let’s push for a cure.  Let’s get real with breast cancer and how it affects lives.  Let’s dive into this war.  Let’s attack cancer like never before.  Let’s fight for change.  Let’s #SeeBeyondThePink.”

Please check out the full blog post at

Storage Insurance

Hurricane season is in full swing, folks. It’s a good time to take a look at your insurance policies and make sure you have adequate coverage, not only for your home, but also for the belongings you have in storage. It’s important to remember that if you have a storage unit at our facility, we do not insure your stored property as a part of your monthly rent. You MUST have an insurance policy in place that covers belongings in storage – many homeowner’s and renter’s policies provide that as part of your coverage, while many others do not. If yours does not, give us a call and we can assist you with signing up for affordable coverage through a third party company that specializes in storage insurance.

College Storage Tips

Courtesy of Storage 101, here are some tips on moving into self storage for College Students and their families: 

1 – Packing & Moving

If you’re a college student, you’ve probably either just moved away from home for the first time or else you’ve moved around quite a bit during your, ahem, matriculation. Which means that you’re actually one step ahead of most people who are in the process of packing things up and moving.

But keeping things in self-storage is a little bit different than just packing everything into the back of your Jetta. It’s better to use boxes instead of duffel bags or garbage bags (like Angelina on the first season of Jersey Shore, can you believe her?) because bags will make stacking and packing your unit more difficult.

2 – Packing a Unit

As far as rules, double check with the facility if you have anything that might be considered hazardous or dangerous. In general, don’t store things like food, scented candles, fireworks, firearms, or leftover whip-its.

Speaking of packing a unit, it isn’t too tough but you’ll want to maximize the use of your space because you’re paying for every square inch. This means you’ll want to stack your boxes as high as you can (while still be able to access them safely). Put heavier boxes on the bottom and try to fill them up so that they don’t collapse under the weight of the boxes you stack on top. You can also fill empty nooks and crannies (like shelves on an empty bookcase or drawers that used to be full of clothes) with smaller boxes or items that you didn’t box up. This way you’ll be able to get as much stuff as possible into your unit. You’ll also want to keep some general packing & storage tips in mind like allowing air circulation (not sealing your things in airtight plastic) so as not to promote condensation and mold. If you’re storing a mini-fridge make sure it’s clean & empty and leave the door slightly ajar so as to keep it dry.

3 – Truck

Since you’re in college you might not have 24 hour access to a car which can make moving a bit more challenging. However, many self storage facilities offer trucks – either for a fee or for rental. In some cases, facilities will even offer a driver with their truck which means you won’t have to worry about maneuvering a large vehicle through campus or city streets. (This particular StoreRight location does not have trucks or rental trucks, but our location across from Hobby Lobby is offering U-Haul truck rentals).

4 – Choose a Size

You’re going to need a 5×5 or a 5×10, plain and simple. Unless you’ve somehow managed to pack and entire house full of big things like bookcases, bedframes and sleeper sofas, you won’t need anything bigger than either of these. 5 by 5 is the perfect size if you’re moving out a dorm room. Maybe you’ve go a floor lamp and a microwave, but the bed and desk belong to the school. You don’t want to take home your heavy winter coat and Uggs for the summer, so you can pack those things up too. But ultimately you don’t have a lot of stuff.

A 5×10 is a great size if you had your own room and you’ve got a bed to store for the summer or any other kind of small piece of furniture.

5 – Get the Best Deal

If you’ve never rented self storage before, prices and specials can seem kind of confusing. Luckily, most self storage facilities and especially the ones located near major campuses offer college student specials just for summer storage. This usually means for one low price, you can pay for the 2 or 3 months that you need storage and not have to worry about recurring payments or falling behind while you’re out of town.

Welcome to StoreRight Ocala VIII


We are the newest StoreRight location in Ocala. Under new ownership our store has underwent a major face-lift. You may have noticed one of the major additions to our property with our new led sign out front on SR 200. Not to mention our freshly painted main buildings with new signage! Along with the signs and paint we have added and replaced nearly every light on the property to ensure safety when you are here. Security is VERY important here as well and we want you to know that your goods in your storage unit are well looked after. We have added and replaced many cameras on the property as well. Many, little things that you may not see have been added and or corrected to make the place that much better as well. While there have been additions and improvements to the property we are not done. Keep an eye on us as you notice more to come in the future!

We want to invite you to our facility to have a tour of the property and all of the features we offer. If you are looking to store your boat, rv, car, truck we have you covered. Not only do we offer vehicle and boat storage but we also offer climate and non climate controlled self storage units. We also offer boxes, tape, bubble wrap, locks, plastic covers, wrapping paper, and many other items to help with your move.

This facility is the ONLY self storage facility in the Ocala area that offers full drive thru access. Yes, that’s right you did read that correctly, drive thru! Punch in your password and come on in to where your unit is. Forget unloading in the scorching heat and the soaking rain! Enjoy the climate controlled well lit building as you load or unload your items.

We offer many promotions and monthly specials to meet all of your self storage needs. In many cases we can give you a month for a $1. In the not so distant future we will be offering U-Haul moving trucks as well!

Be sure to stop by and check us out!

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