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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – #SeeBeyondThePink

This is an excerpt of a blog post written by a very close and dear friend of our manager, Christie.  She is battling Triple Negative, Stage IV, Inflammatory Breast Cancer – it is a very aggressive form of breast cancer.  (“Because of its high rate of metastasis, inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) has a poor prognosis compared with non-inflammatory types of breast cancer (non-IBC).” – IBC Research Foundation”)

“As someone with breast cancer, I prefer you give your time and/or money to a nonprofit that focuses on research or one that gives their products or services freely to the breast cancer patient.  (Several big-name organizations sell donated products to cancer patients.)  Two of my favorite organizations that fit into those categories are The IBC Network Foundation and Awesome Breast Forms.  The IBC Network Foundation is a volunteer organization (Meaning your donation does not go to someone’s salary.) that raises money for research.  To learn more about the IBC Network Foundation and get involved check out  Awesome Breast Forms is exactly what it says it is.  They are a nonprofit made up of volunteer knitters and crocheters all across the country who make breast forms for women who have gone through mastectomies and lumpectomies.  Contact them to become one of their awesome creators or to receive a breast form,
Let’s create a different October this year.  Let’s push for a cure.  Let’s get real with breast cancer and how it affects lives.  Let’s dive into this war.  Let’s attack cancer like never before.  Let’s fight for change.  Let’s #SeeBeyondThePink.”

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