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Store Facility’s Rights Regarding Search Warrents and Subpoenas

A police officer or other law enforcement official requesting that a self-storage manager provide information about a tenant at their facility or allow access to the tenant’s storage space.  Understanding the rights of the self storage facility is crucial, especially since the search can have implications to the tenant, the facility, and the law enforcement agency.  What is the manager or operator to do when asked to divulge information concerning its tenants or to provide access to a tenant’s space ?

Subpoenas are court orders which do not entitle the right to search, but  require the recipient to produce the information requested by the law enforcement agency. An example would be a tenant’s file.  Normally, a facility manager would resist providing the information to law enforcement about the tenants based upon their concern that they are infringing upon the tenant’s privacy rights.  For the most part, it is probably not a privacy violation to disclose to law enforcement the names since the information is part of the facility’s own business records.  However, for the facility’s protection it is probably best to request that the law enforcement agency first obtain a subpoena for the documents before the facility provides copies of any tenant records.

The general rule regarding search warrants  is that the search and or seizure of a tenant’s property must be conducted only with judicial approval or in other words with a search warrant issued by the court which entitles the officer to obtain access to the tenant’s space.  When an officer first requests access the manager should ask the officer to produce the warrant .  The manager should review the document to confirm that it properly identifies the storage facility, the tenant’s name and unit number.   Managers are not expected to judge the correctness of a search warrant and cannot be held liable for obeying the commands of law enforcement officials acting within the scope of their authority.

There are certain exceptions , first a facility clearly can allow access to law enforcement to the area in their self storage facility deemed to be common areas or into storage units which are not rented. Second if the units lock has already been cut due to the tenant’s default, there is no remaining right of privacy.  In this case it appears to be a right of the facility to allow access to that delinquent unit without the need of a search warrant.  The third exception applies to tenants who are on  probation or parole.   The law provides that those individuals do not enjoy the same expectations of privacy as ordinary citizens.  It is always best to request that the officers obtain a search warrant even if the officers indicate the the tenant are on probation or are parolees.  Whether the search was a proper will be an issue to be resolved between the tenant and the law enforcement agency.


These facts were taken from an article written by Scott Zucker who specializes in business and commercial litigation.

How Do You Spell Storage?

A lot of people don’t put a lot of thought or effort into finding storage , just that they need a place to put their belongings for a little while. But the process of finding the right storage can get overwhelming with everything else going on in your life. So we are here to help you.

How do you spell storage? I know that’s a wierd question and you’re thinking s-t-o-r-a-g-e…..I’m sorry to tell you, but if you just want some ordinary facility that just throws you into whatever unit they want and and doesn’t put you first, then you are right. But we don’t believe in ordinary and this how we spell storage….


S – Supplies. We here at StoreRight have all the moving and packing supplies you may need. Starting at several size boxes, packing tape, wrapping paper, and mattress covers. We also have furniture pads and tie down ropes for moving.

T – Twenty four hour access and security. You, as a tenant at StoreRight, will have  24 hour access with a gate code to get to your belongings when you need them, at no extra cost. We also have 15 cameras around the property recording 24 hours for extra security.

O – Outside Parking. StoreRight has expanded our property to have several spaces available for outside storage. We even have covered RV parking spaces with electricity. So bring your boat, trailer, work vehicle, or RV and we will find you the perfect spot to store it.

R – Right Place. StoreRight’s location – 6400 State Road 544 in Winter Haven, FL 33881 is the perfect place. We are located a few blocks away from a college, and several golf courses, along with a few retirement communities in between. We are seated along side a busy main road and nobody can miss us. We have several bright colored flags and a huge reader board out front. Our curb appeal is always at it’s finest with our brightly bloomed flowers and perfectly trimmed bushes. Our property is always clean and catches the eye of everyone driving by.

E – Energetic and friendly staff. Our staff here at StoreRight is courteous and always on their toes to cater to our customer and tenant needs. We are knowledgeable about our facility and surrounding areas. We offer moving companies if you need help geting a truck or packing. We believe in having the best customer service around. We will always go above and beyond for our customers and tenants!

R – Right Price. StoreRight always has the lowest price in town on all units and parking spaces. You can call us or stop by and get our prices at any time. We will even figure out your first month’s payment with proration and specials that we offer.

I – Involvement in the community. StoreRight staff is part of the Winter Haven Chamber. We always know what’s going on in our community so we can better ourselves and help new people in the area. We go to several events every year to stay knowledgeable. We also choose a charity every year to donate money, furniture, or clothes. Our involvement also helps us keep our promise of great customer service all the time.

G- Great Specials. StoreRight always has a great special or discount to offer. We offer military and senior discounts. We also have several specials to offer but our favorite special is the “First Month for $1.00” special. It saves you, the customer, a great deal of money, and we like to see that smile on your face after you see your savings!

H – High Standards. StoreRight is not your ordinary storage facility. We are here for our tenants and customers. We hold high standards to keep you happy. We listen when you are going through a rough time. We offer help and support because after all without you, StoreRight wouldn’t be around!

T – The right unit for everybody. Here at StoreRight we have several differnt size units along with climate control units. We listen to you and what you will be needing to store then we suggest which units are best and then we give you the tour. We show you the unit before you rent it so you know that it is the right size, clean, and a good location for the size truck you will be unloading. We will never put you in a size you don’t need.

Now that we have helped you spell out storage you will never go to an ordinary storage facility ever again. Storeight Self Storage will be the only facility you will think of when the topic of storage comes up by friends, family, or neighbors!

StoreRight. Right Place. Right Price.

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