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Consider Depreciation When Considering Self Storage

There are many reasons why people decide to rent a self storage unit. HERE AT StoreRight Self Storage in Brooksville, Fl our tenants have almost as many reasons why as we have tenants. People moving from point A to point B but Point B isn’t quite ready; home repair/remodeling when you need to have things out of the way while work progresses; business or personal records that need to be kept safe but not necessarily right at hand; and even long distance truckers who need a home for their belongings but not for themselves. Most common, however, seems to be that people have more stuff than space,
At StoreRight Brooksville we want your business,. We do our best to provide clean, safe and affordable storage units. But most importantly we want our tenants to be happy.
One thing that many people forget to consider when deciding on long term storage is depreciation. At $120.00 a month (roughly the current cost of a mid-sized, non-climate controlled unit) in a year’s time you will have paid over $1400.00 in storage fees. In 2 years, you are approaching $3000.00, 5 years nearly $9000. So you need to consider what it would cost to replace your items before paying years of rental fees if you might not be better off selling or donating your items now and buying new ones when the time is right.

crazy days!!

Today we have upgraded internet, new phone system.. and doing move ins!!! It is always a great day here at Ocala 8.. with a facility so big Bill, Deb and I try our best to stay ahead of our customers needs. Memorial Day weekend should keep us busy with lots of activity going on all over the property. We are getting excited for our customer appreciate day on June 10th..

Packing Tips for Self Storage


No one likes packing, but the more organized you are at the beginning, the easier it will be when you’re UN-packing! Here’s some helpful tips:

1. We sell a big variety of boxes and supplies at StoreRight Self Storage. All our tenants get a discount on packing supplies! One stop shopping! Stop by our office at 1227 South Lecanto Highway (Rte 491) in Lecanto to check out all the supplies. We even have hard to find boxes, like ones for your golf clubs! Those work well for other items, too.

2. Breakables: Pack breakables in bubble wrap or packing paper. We sell both at StoreRight Self Storage. The packing paper tends to be a more economical option. I personally used less than two boxes of newsprint when I moved and I have ALOT of stuff. Of course, using newspaper is cheap, but you run the risk of getting ink on your items. You won’t want to have to wash everything to get the ink off; or possibly ruin something for good, by using newspaper.

3. Fine China: We also sell dish packs, so each plate will have a foam layer around it.

4. Books: When packing books, don’t fill up one big box with them, because the bottom may break. Use smaller boxes. Also, don’t store the books standing on end. Rather, put them flat on the boxes so that their spines will not be damaged.

5. Mirrors & pictures: We also sell mirror and picture boxes, which makes packing and transporting large mirrors and picture frames easier. Fine artwork should be stored in a Climate Controlled Unit to avoid damage from humidity.

6. Appliances: Freezers and refrigerators should be stored with the door slightly open. Electrical appliances should be completely dry – defrost freezers and refrigerators, drain washing machines completely.

7. Clothes: we sell wardrobe boxes in 2 lengths. It’s much easier to keep all your clothes on hangers in the wardrobe boxes while you move. Once you’re unpacking all your things, you won’t want to deal with a bunch of wrinkled up clothes that have been stuffed in a box.

8. Tape! Tape! Tape! Don’t skimp on the tape! Tape your boxes up really well. Tape is cheap, your items in the boxes are not. You don’t want to save a few cents on tape, and then end of with broken things cause you were too skimpy on the tape.

9. Label EVERYTHING. You won’t remember what’s in the boxes, so make sure you label them. Label the top AND the side. So that way if your boxes are stacked, you can still read the label on the side of the box.

10. Moving companies: if you just don’t want to deal with moving your stuff, give us a call at StoreRight Self Storage at 352-527-9777 and we’ll recommend a good moving company!

StoreRight Self Storage Opens New Location in Vero Beach

We are proud to announce our newest location in Vero Beach; Vero Beach 14,  1755 Oslo Road.  This location was acquired in April 2017.  We welcome Wanda Grimes Manager and Donna Haas Relief Manager.  This new location will be going under renovations soon.  Giving it a new and fresh look and upgrading the current security system. This new location offers drive up climate controlled units , unit sizes from 5×5 to 10×30 along with parking.  Office hours are 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM with access for customers 6AM to 11 PM.  StoreRight Self Storage offers convenience in two location!!  Rentals are month to month with no long term leases required.   Right Place, Right Price !!  So if storage is what you need in Vero Beach,  come to StoreRight Self Storage or you can visit our website to reserve or complete the rental process !  StoreRight Self Storage takes pride in offering the best customer service with our friendly staff.

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