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Happy Holidays

Here’s a little tune written by Eloise Miller, she has retired from StoreRight Self Storage.  Sing to the tune of “Grandma Got Run By A Reindeer ”

Grandma was an avid junk collector

Anything and everything she’d see

Her house was like a museum

Right down to the fake papaya tree

We all knew the day was coming        

We’d inherit all her stuff                      

So we called StoreRight Storage        

Hope two units are enough    

 All the folks at StoreRight love us

When we talk about our fate

Just rented one more unit

Think this makes it number eight

Grandma was an avid junk collector

Bears and chimes and other shiny things

Found an old time Christmas village

Stuck beneath a set of angel wings

Every day it seems much harder          

To put myself in Grandma’s shoes

What’d she see in pink flamingos

Guess they chased away her blues

Every week I go to StoreRight

Just to look at Grandma’s stuff

Wonder how I did without it

I just can’t seem to get enough

Grandma was an avid junk collector

With heart and soul and oh so full of love

She could spot a “gem” in a minute

Now she’s teaching me from up above

Get yourself to StoreRight Storage

For you know you have some junk

Special things that you cherish

Keep the safe inside that trunk

Thanks to the folks at StoreRight

I can afford to carry on

The tradition of my Grandma

And a collection to build upon

Grandma was an avid junk collector

And my collecting future’s looking bright

Any time I need another Storage

I just call my friends down at StoreRight


Citrus County-Cinderella’s Closet Prom Dress Give-Away Event

We are excited to let you know that StoreRight Self Storage is involved with the 10th Annual Cinderella’s Closet event!!!


StoreRight Self Storage is a drop-off location for prom dresses, dressy formal shoes/sandals, rhinestone jewelry, etc…

1227 S. Lecanto Hwy in Lecanto (Rte 491 behind Havana House Café)

The Cinderella’s Closet is an outreach ministry of the Cornerstone Baptist church. The ministry provides dresses, shoes, accessories to local high school girls for FREE.

It’s a wonderful event for girls who might not be able to afford a prom dress.

So, if you have a dress to donate, please drop them off here prior to the event.

January 21st is the deadline for donations.

You know you’re not going to wear that bridesmaid’s dress again, that’s just hanging in your closet, taking up space!

If your daughter or relative is attending one of the Ctrus County High Schools Proms and would like to attend the dress give away event, it’s January 28, 2017 at Cornerstone Church in Inverness. The girls need to provide student ID to show that they’re enrolled in the local high schools, in order to participate in the event.

Here are some additional details:

Cinderella’s Closet is a ministry of Cornerstone Baptist Church. The mission is to provide dresses and accessories for young ladies in the community. January 28, 2017, 10am til 3pm, Cornerstone Baptist Church, 1100 W. Highland Blvd, Inverness, FL 34452.

Information is also on the StoreRight Self Storage Lecanto Facebook page and Citrus Cinderella’s Facebook page.


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