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Curb Service For Our Tenants With Disabilities

In an ongoing effort to provide the best possible customer service, curb service is now available at the Brooksville StoreRight Self Storage location for any tenant with disabilities who requires assistance.
Persons requiring this service need only to pull into the designated parking space and tap your horn. A staff member will come out to your vehicle to process your rent payments, answer any questions you have or provide any other assistance you may need.

Time to reclaim all that valuable real estate in your home and garage.

StoreRight Self Storage is a perfect solution to reclaiming all that valuable real estate in both your home and your garage that you’ve lost to all the stuff you don’t really want to get rid of but only use or need seasonally (Christmas Decorations, Halloween Decorations, Thanksgiving Decorations, Etc.) or maybe some of the items have sentimental value so you just cant part with them, even if you just want to try it out for a short time renting a Storage unit at StoreRight Self Storage is the perfect solution to the problem. We offer month to month rentals with no long term contracts required, we offer insurance (don’t required just recommend), we have a clean well lit facility with security cameras throughout the property with access hours of 6:00am – 11:00pm 7 days a week. We offer online rentals as well as reservations on our company website at, we also offer concierge service for the handicap as far as taking payments, just pull into the handicap spot, honk your horn and we will come to you. StoreRight Self Storage gives you many ways to make your payments – auto-pay, online payments, drop box, phone payments etc.

Security and Insurance

Secure Self Storage

When placing valuable items in storage, you want to know that they’ll be safe from theft and burglary. Since this is a common concern among storage users, many storage facilities offer security features to decrease the chance of crime on their premises.

Unlike your home, your storage unit isn’t under your watchful eye at all times. Because of this, you want to store your belongings at a storage facility that has your best interests in mind and is willing to monitor the safety of your valuables.

Basic Security Features

There are many great security features offered by storage facilities that you can take advantage of. With varying levels of security, you’ll need to compare storage facilities in order to find which has the security that’s right for you. Most storage facilities offer basics security, including:

  • Gated Access – An increasing amount of storage facilities have installed electronic-entry gates with unique pass codes or security cards to ensure they know exactly who’s entering the facility at all times.
  • Lighting – If you plan on accessing your storage unit while it’s dark outside, you’ll want the facility to be well-lit. Light can also be a deterrent for thieves, as they can be easily spotted.

Advanced Security Features

If you’re really serious about self storage security, some facilities offer more advanced methods of protection. If you plan on storing valuable items, you may want to find a facility with these types of security features:

  • Alarmed Units – The most effective way to protect a storage unit from theft is to find a unit that is alarmed. This prevents anyone from breaking in to your unit, as an alarm will sound if they do.
  • Video Surveillance – While video surveillance is mostly used to review what went wrong after a burglary, the mere existence of surveillance cameras has the ability to deter some thieves.
  • Resident Management – Some facilities have management that lives on site, allowing the property to be supervised 24/7.

The Value of Peace of Mind

Facilities that offer more advanced security features will often have slightly more expensive rental rates than others, but the investment may be worth it. What you really gain when you choose better security is peace of mind. Replacing everything after theft or property damage would be very expensive, so spending more upfront on security will save you that cost down the road.

Storage Unit Insurance

There’s only so much a storage facility can do in terms of security—the rest may simply be up to fate. You have the ability, however, to protect yourself and your belongings in the case that someone breaks in to your storage unit by purchasing insurance.

Most storage facilities will require some type of insurance in order to rent there. Sometimes, a homeowner’s policy will cover the contents of the storage unit. If not, almost all facilities will have insurance that can be purchased. Most insurance policies begin at around $10 per month—on top of rent—and increase based on the amount of coverage desired.

Auction Day!!!!

Auction day can be exciting and dreadful at the same time. I am in the same boat as the buyers. I have no idea what is behind that magical door. I do not see what is there beforehand, so I can be amazed or bewildered. Maybe the tenant ran out on the rent and left me an empty unit. Maybe it will be filled with treasures. I highly recommend everyone to go to a storage unit auction at least once. While our auctions do mirror the tv show “Storage Wars,” we follow all the Florida state statutes. Sending a unit to auction is not an easy process. We make every attempt to help the customer keep their belongings. Once we have exhausted all those attempts the fun begins. Like I said come out to one of our auctions and get caught up in the excitement. You really know what you are going to find!!!

What Not To Store

You’ve decided to reclaim your garage or de-clutter your home or office and a self storage unit seems like the perfect solution. Fantastic! Now that you know what you want to store, here’s a few tips on what not to store.
At StoreRight Self Storage in Brooksville, FL the general rule is If it’s alive or was alive, don’t store it. If it smells bad don’t store it. And if it can blow up or hurt me. don’t store it.
Sounds like common sense to me but it isn’t always that clear to everyone. So to break it down, pets, plants and people don’t belong in a storage unit. You can not use the unit as a temporary shelter and your plants and pets will not fair well in storage. Dead plants will attract pests. If it is discovered that you have live animals in your unit, animal control will be called and you may be subject to to animal cruelty charges, You will also lose your storage unit.
Items with strong odors can attract pests; bugs, mice and other creepy crawlies are not what you want in your storage unit. It can be difficult to rid your unit of these unwanted visitors; they will likely cause considerable damage ; and the odors will not likely endear you to your neighbors.
Hazardous materials are also prohibited. Storing gas cans, flammable liquids, toxic chemicals, firearms, ammunition and fireworks are a recipe for disaster.
Do not store anything that is wet or damp. A dark, warm storage unit will turn these items into a breeding ground for mold and mildew. If you are storing a washing machine, for example, make sure the drum and hoses are completely dry before storing.
Perishable foods, are also prohibited, They are like a free buffet sign to legions of bugs and vermin. Cans of food should be okay.
If you are in doubt about what you can store, please call the management before storing your items.

It’s That Time of Year Again



That time of year has arrived when the days get longer, and it becomes easier to do something about the carpet stains, dust and stale air that have built up during the last few weeks and, perhaps, months. Finally, you can throw open all of the windows and let in the fresh air without freezing. Now, get ready to revitalize your home with a good spring cleaning and StoreRight Self Storage can help. Whether you conduct a full-house cleaning once a year or once a month, you may want to consider renting a storage unit at StoreRight Self Storage to get things out of the way during the process. StoreRight Self Storage is a great place to store items for the long-term and short-term, for those items you’re not ready to toss, sell or donate.
Clean from the top down, dusting and washing ceiling fans, light fixtures and corners first. Then wipe and wash walls, windows, counters, furniture and floors. Try cleaning windows from the inside from left to right and the outside from the top down. This will make it easier to tell which side has streaks. Replace smoke detector batteries, test the smoke detectors and give them a good wipe down. Clear counters and shelves and wash them thoroughly. If you have accumulated stacks of papers or bills, now is a good time to file the important documents in your storage unit. Recycle junk mail, outdated magazines. Shred old bills and other papers that contain personal information. Pull out appliances and wash the sides and floor.

When cleaning mattresses and other furniture, consider laying down a tarp and leaving the bedding and upholstery outside on the driveway for a few hours. Some strong sunlight and ultraviolet radiation can help eradicate microscopic creatures that are trying to take up residence there. A thorough steam cleaning may leave your furniture feeling and smelling fresh also. If you plan to paint or thoroughly shampoo the carpets, consider moving your furniture into a storage unit. StoreRight Self Storage has Wardrobe boxes so you can sort through seasonal clothes. A wardrobe box helps keep clothes looking good.


As you clean, you may find leaky faucets, broken door handles or cracked tiles. Take time to make these repairs now to prevent them from becoming more serious or costly problems later. Get seldom used tools out of the way when you are done with the repairs by placing them in your storage unit at StoreRight Self Storage. Remember the small stuff. Sweep the corners where your vacuum does not reach, wash down air vents & wipe crown molding.


Don’t forget the outside of the house. Use a power sprayer to remove grime, empty wasps’ nests and spider webs from exterior walls and windows. Spray down the garage floor while you are at it to rid the space of fluid leaks or sand that can easily be tracked inside and stain your carpet. Clean it. A good spraying with the hose will usually do the trick.

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