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All sunshine and no snow !

Warm climate and no zero weather !

Flowers growing in the yards, and not costly poinsettias from the florist !

Summer clothes, and nobody wearing fur coats and ear muffs !

Santa Claus rides in an air ship, and no sleight-bells !

Doors and windows open, and no furnaces to keep fired at white heat !

Christmas fruits gathered fresh from the trees, and no cold storage eggs !

Sidewalks are safe for pedestrians; no slipping and falling on the ice !

Automobile starters are working; no frozen radiators !

Wheels keep in the road; no non-skid chains are necessary !

Ocean bathing is a pleasure; no hot water faucets to fuss with !

Christmas shopping was done at leisure; no mob scenes enacted !

No ” blizzards ” as an excuse to have to miss church !

But – It’s the Christmas holiday spirit that resigns just the same !

May it be Merry Yuletide for all StoreRight Self Storage and friends !



  • Author unknown, Published in Vero Press, Dec. 25th 1924

Hurricane Season and Self Storage

Nothing can be more devastating than a hurricane taking it’s toll on your roof and home.  Possibly damaging memories and valuables.  Keep your items safe this hurricane season by using Self Storage.  This can save you heart break and financial strain of having to replace your items.  This can give you extra space in home that would otherwise interfere during a hurricane.  For example : Garage items; bikes and yard objects that take up space .  Placing these items in storage allows you to park your car safely in the garage.  Here are some suggestions on what to put in storage.  Patio, lawn furniture, gardening tools, or any out door decorations that could possibly become a projectile during a storm.   Another suggestion to clean a room in the house to take shelter from the storm.   Here is a list of  items commonly stored during the hurricane season;

Holiday decorations, Boats and RVs, sporting and camping equipment, pool toys , children’s toys, trampolines, barbecue grills, motorcycles and spare automobiles.

Many Floridians use storage units for daily,weekly, monthly and seasonal .  This helps keep housing costs low and gives you a chance to organize.

StoreRight Self Storage can help with any of your needs ! Seasonal use or monthly ! Visit or stop by any of our locations .

StoreRight Self Storage Opens New Location in Vero Beach

We are proud to announce our newest location in Vero Beach; Vero Beach 14,  1755 Oslo Road.  This location was acquired in April 2017.  We welcome Wanda Grimes Manager and Donna Haas Relief Manager.  This new location will be going under renovations soon.  Giving it a new and fresh look and upgrading the current security system. This new location offers drive up climate controlled units , unit sizes from 5×5 to 10×30 along with parking.  Office hours are 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM with access for customers 6AM to 11 PM.  StoreRight Self Storage offers convenience in two location!!  Rentals are month to month with no long term leases required.   Right Place, Right Price !!  So if storage is what you need in Vero Beach,  come to StoreRight Self Storage or you can visit our website to reserve or complete the rental process !  StoreRight Self Storage takes pride in offering the best customer service with our friendly staff.

Florida Blueberry Festival

StoreRight Self Storage is a proud sponsor of the 2017 Florida Blueberry Festival in  Brooksville  this weekend April 22nd from 10am to 8pm and April 23rd  from 10am to 5pm .    Come celebrate the Spring Harvest !  FRESH BLUEBERRIES, LIVE MUSIC, FOOD , WINE BAR, ART SHOW, KIDZ ZONE, RETAIL EXHIBITORS and more.  If you love BlueBerries  , Your going to Love this !


National Women’s Day March 8th

Today we celebrate National Women’s Day.  What is National Women’s Day ?  It is the day when women are recognized for their achievements and is celebrated around the world.   This day has been observed since the the early 1900’s.  Celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It is all about unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action and has been occurring for well over a century and continues to grow in strength.  In  2011 former President Barack Obama proclaimed March to be Women’s History Month.

How did it start ? It can be traced back to 1908, when 15,000 women marched through New York City demanding voting rights, better pay and shorter working hours.  Today the day is marked around the world with arts performances, talks, rallies, networking events, conferences and marches.  Last year there was a Google Doodle marking the celebration featuring women and girls across the world who complete the sentence “One day I will “,  talking about their dreams and ambitions.  It helps bring together governments, women’s organizations, corporations and charities.

How does this relate to Self Storage ?

Many strong women are working in the Self Storage industry , which they are contributing to the success of the business !  Their  strengths , skills and dedication making this industry continue to grow.  I want to recognized and celebrate them today  and hope you will also !  Give them a shout out or present them with flowers and or a gift !  Let them know that they are appreciated and that they do make a difference !  We hope the future for all WOMEN and  GIRLS  is bright, equal , safe and rewarding.



Storage Tips

Before you put your  items into storage here are some storage tips that you can take to protect  keep your belongings .

To better protect your goods place them in  boxes, totes or other storage containers.

Thoroughly clean, disinfect and dry refrigerators, freezers, stoves and other appliances. Appliances with doors can be stored with the door slightly open and some can be stacked on top of each other.

Be sure to clean and dry all electrical equipment before placing in your unit.

Slow rust by wiping down all types of metal surfaces before storing.  Use a few drops of machine oil to lightly coat these items for preventing rust.

Pack all books, files and documents flat and use bubble wrap or newspaper to fill in empty spaces in the boxes and totes.

Use bubble wrap and other packing materials when storing dishes and glassware.  Pack similar items in the same box and fill empty spaces with peanuts, bubble wrap or newspaper.

Disassemble furniture and place pieces on a corrugated cardboard mat or plastic sheet before placing on floor or pallet.

Stack lightweight chairs seat to seat , but avoid stacking other types of furniture on top of each other.  Cover all upholstery with light cotton dust covers or plastic.

Holiday decorations can be stored in their original cartons or plastic tubs.  Wrap ornaments and other delicate items in bubble wrap or newspaper.

Cover computer screens and large televisions screens with dust covers and wrap in bubble wrap.

You can purchase all wrapping and packing material here at StoreRight Self Storage, along with many different size boxes .

Call us or stop by the office we can get you all set up with a storage unit and packing materials , along with a rental of a Penske moving truck.

StoreRight Self Storage   Right Place, Right Prices !!


A True Storage Tail

Even in the storage business Strange Things can happen. Many Managers could probably share similar  stories.  I want to share a true story about a scorned lover.  I will leave out the names, but the event is actual.  A man 80 years of age from New York City stored his multi-million dollar collection of art at the home of his girlfriend in Lantana , Florida.  After the couple had a fallen out the girlfriend took the art collection and hid it in a storage unit in Lake Worth.  He then contacted police in Lantana and told them that she (the girlfriend) had stolen millions of dollars worth of art.  The collection included paintings from the 1700’s and some pieces that date back to the Aztecs.  The police officer who worked on the case said ” and ex-girlfriend, flashy cars ( a couple of Bentleys, two Ferraris ) she was upset.  The ride was over.  The good life was coming to an end.  Things got ugly ! Police seized the entire collection and sent it to him in New York.  She still lives in his home on Hypoluxo Island and is awaiting trial.  Sometimes the truth is Stranger than fiction !!   I wonder if she purchased an insurance policy ….  This story was reported by NBC news.


Happy Holidays

Here’s a little tune written by Eloise Miller, she has retired from StoreRight Self Storage.  Sing to the tune of “Grandma Got Run By A Reindeer ”

Grandma was an avid junk collector

Anything and everything she’d see

Her house was like a museum

Right down to the fake papaya tree

We all knew the day was coming        

We’d inherit all her stuff                      

So we called StoreRight Storage        

Hope two units are enough    

 All the folks at StoreRight love us

When we talk about our fate

Just rented one more unit

Think this makes it number eight

Grandma was an avid junk collector

Bears and chimes and other shiny things

Found an old time Christmas village

Stuck beneath a set of angel wings

Every day it seems much harder          

To put myself in Grandma’s shoes

What’d she see in pink flamingos

Guess they chased away her blues

Every week I go to StoreRight

Just to look at Grandma’s stuff

Wonder how I did without it

I just can’t seem to get enough

Grandma was an avid junk collector

With heart and soul and oh so full of love

She could spot a “gem” in a minute

Now she’s teaching me from up above

Get yourself to StoreRight Storage

For you know you have some junk

Special things that you cherish

Keep the safe inside that trunk

Thanks to the folks at StoreRight

I can afford to carry on

The tradition of my Grandma

And a collection to build upon

Grandma was an avid junk collector

And my collecting future’s looking bright

Any time I need another Storage

I just call my friends down at StoreRight


Happy Thanksgiving From StoreRight Self Storage










Storage Insurance

On October 7th of this month Hurricane Matthew made its way up the east coast.  We were very fortunate here in Vero Beach with only some beach erosion , tree  and minor residence damage.   Our facility had zero  damage !! We still have one more month of hurricane season left and if you still do not  have insurance on your storage unit,,  you can purchase a policy with us.  The cost is very inexpensive and you can cancel the policy at any time.  .  These storms are very unpredictable and you never know what damage can occur.   Hurricane season is June through November.  Although purchase of insurance is NOT a requirement of StoreRight, we do recommend it !   If you purchase a disc or cylinder lock there in no deductible for  a claim.  ($100 deductible without this type of lock) .  If a loss occurs you can relax… the claim agents are the best in the industry and are ready to help !!  All claims are settled in a timely manner.  Storeright Self storage managers are not  insurance agents , but  work with the Bader Insurance Company.   Any questions or concerns will be directed  to a qualified  Bader insurance  agent.  You can call us or stop by the office during business hours (Monday – Friday 9-6 , Saturday’s 9-5 ) to purchase a policy  or any questions about coverage.    StoreRight Self Storage   Right Place, Right Price

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