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A True Storage Tail

Even in the storage business Strange Things can happen. Many Managers could probably share similar  stories.  I want to share a true story about a scorned lover.  I will leave out the names, but the event is actual.  A man 80 years of age from New York City stored his multi-million dollar collection of art at the home of his girlfriend in Lantana , Florida.  After the couple had a fallen out the girlfriend took the art collection and hid it in a storage unit in Lake Worth.  He then contacted police in Lantana and told them that she (the girlfriend) had stolen millions of dollars worth of art.  The collection included paintings from the 1700’s and some pieces that date back to the Aztecs.  The police officer who worked on the case said ” and ex-girlfriend, flashy cars ( a couple of Bentleys, two Ferraris ) she was upset.  The ride was over.  The good life was coming to an end.  Things got ugly ! Police seized the entire collection and sent it to him in New York.  She still lives in his home on Hypoluxo Island and is awaiting trial.  Sometimes the truth is Stranger than fiction !!   I wonder if she purchased an insurance policy ….  This story was reported by NBC news.


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