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Tips on choosing the right size storage unit.

Not sure what size storage unit you will need ? Here are some simple tips to help you determine what size and help you plan for your move.  Start by making a list if possible of the items you plan to store.

StoreRight Self Storage has several basic sizes of storage units.  Here is a quick reference guide to help you plan what size you will need for your personal or business items:


5×5 (25 sq. ft. ) –    Equivalent to a medium size walk-in- closet.  Store personal/seasonal items, small furniture, small mattress set, sports equipment, toys, business records/files & supplies and sale rep material.

5×10 ( 50 sq. ft. ) –      Equivalent to extra large walk-in- closet.  Store furnishings from a studio or small 1 bedroom apartment: Mattress & box springs , sofa, chair, dining set, many boxes, business records & supplies, and misc.

10 x10 ( 100 sq. ft. ) –  Equivalent to average bedroom or small office.  Store furnishings from a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment : Appliances, furniture, many boxes, business equipment and supplies.

10 x 15 ( 150 sq. ft. ) –   Equivalent to large bedroom.  Store furnishings from a 2 or 3 bedroom house or apartment: Appliances, interior / exterior furniture, many boxes, small boat, business inventory, records & equipment.

10 x 20 ( 200 sq. ft.  –    Equivalent to one car garage. Store furnishings from a 3 or 4 bedroom house : Appliances, furniture, patio furniture, lawn equipment, lots of boxes, small vehicle or boat, business inventory, records & equipment.

10 x 30 ( 300 sq.  ft. )  –  Equivalent to large one car garage.  Store furnishings from a 4 or 5 bedroom house: Appliances, furniture, garage and patio contents, lots of boxes, small vehicle or boat, business supplies/ inventory / records.


Tips for packing and storing:

Identify items that will be packed  in boxes and prioritize the boxes you will want to access on a frequent basis.  Packing those boxes in the unit for easy access.  You should also stack the boxes by weight, heavier boxes on the bottom.  Boxes and containers should be of uniform size and  label them.  Be sure to note on your list how these boxes will be packed and organized.

When packing smaller items remember to fill boxes completely, stuffing any open spaces with paper to prevent collapsing when stacked.

Do not store anything combustible or perishable.

When storing lawn equipment drain any fluids prior to storage.

Cover mattresses and place on flat level surface.

Use protective covers on delicate heirlooms and furniture.

StoreRight has all your packing needs on site along with high quality locks for your unit.

Our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions or concerns  you may have.

Please call the office @ 772-562-6228 or stop by 5355 US Hwy One. Vero Beach

StoreRight Self Storage the Right place the Right price for all your storage needs.

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YOUR Self Storage Facility

A Self Storage Facility should be more than just a place to store your excess possessions or holding area while you are in the process of moving. It should be a safe, secure, well lighted facility that can accomodate your needs with a friendly, cheerful Staff that truly believes in customer service. StoreRight Self Storage fits that criteria at all 6 of their locations, which include Lecanto, Ocala, Brooksville, Winter Haven ( has 2 locations- State Road 544 and Recker Hwy.) as well as a facility in Vero Beach. StoreRight Self Storage at the 6400 State Road 544 Winter Haven, Fl. 33881 location is conveniently located, not only to Winter Haven, but also to Haines City, Lake Hamilton, Dundee and Auburndale. Just 3/4 mile west of Highway 27- all roads lead to StoreRight Self Storage. We offer 7 different sizes of Storage units, which also include climate controlled unit. In addition, StoreRight Self Storage on State Road 544 in Winter Haven has a large outside parking area for RV’s, Boats, Trailers, Jet skis, etc., which include some coveed RV parking spaces.Our monitored security system at StoreRight Self Storage keeps you and your possessions safe and secure. Our outside lighting system allows you to be on the property at your unit without being concerned about being in the dark. Gate access hours are 24/7. The rates at StoreRight Self Storage are very competitive and our several discounts and $1.00 move in special on storage units is real–no hidden gimmicks, no minimum rental time or penalties. In addition to all of that, our gated Storage Facility has a friendly, helpful staff, who are at your service to accomodate your need. We can help you select the size unit you need while keeping within your budget and offering a wide selection of boxes and packing supplie for you to purchase to aid in your Storage experience. Add that to one of the discounts or specials and the experience is complete, including insurance if you so desire. You may find us on our website at, email us at winterhaven, call us at (863) 421-5772 or stop by at 6400 State Road 544, Winter Haven, Fl. 33881. Also “like” us on facebook at StoreRight Self Storage Winter Haven to learn about special “events” StoreRight will be hosting so you can join in the fun. Happy Storage from StoreRight Self Storage. Looking forward to talking to you soon.

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The Funny Side of Storage!

There are many different reasons people need self-storage. Some are good some are bad but just the fact you need it means there is about to be a lot of work and struggle involved. In this month’s blog I wanted to look on the lighter side of storage. I decide to comb the internet looking for jokes and quips about self-storage. Some are funny but I warn you some may be corny, none are meant to offend. So enjoy this month self-storage humor on behalf of StoreRight Brooksville…

  • Pat, of Jamestown Storage in High Point, North Carolina, wrote to Self-Storage Talk early in June to comment that after listening to a rundown of Jamestown’s pricing plans, a prospective tenant asked, “How big is your 5 x 10?” “She may have meant how high are the ceilings,” Pat speculated, “but I so wanted to say, ‘oh, about 4 x 4!’”
  • In March, Ian Johnson of Oklahoma City wrote to Self-Storage Talk’s “Tales from the Trenches” section to remark, “You know you need a vacation when a burly man comes in wanting to rent a dolly and the first words out of your mouth are ‘Barbie, or Ken?’”
  • A Daytona, Florida self-storage operator wrote to Self-Storage Talk on June 28, noting, “I love the chameleons….They eat bugs and are good to have around. When someone who is not from Florida sees them…I just tell them they are baby alligators. The looks on their faces is priceless. I do explain to them what they really are so they aren’t confused. Never lost a rental because of it — in fact the customer gets such a kick out of it they usually rent right then.”

*Found at

What did the self storage locker say to the other self storage locker? “Hey man, have you heard of all this global warming stuff? It’s like the world forgot to pay a little extra for CLIMATE CONTROL!”

-Two self storage tenants were passing each other in the hallway. One says, “Hey how are you doing?” The other replies, “Oh you know, I’m just STORING MY ENERGY FOR MY NEXT MOVE!”

-There were 3 storage facilities on the same street. One offered free locks, one offered climate controlled units, and the other offered robotic security. A woman walked into the place with free locks to rent a unit. The manager asked “Why did you choose us? There are plenty of other places on the street with better features!” The woman replied, “Well I actually would just like the free lock.” The owner replied “Hey, robots and climate control are nice, BUT THEY DON’T QUITE HAVE EVERYTHING ON LOCK”

-What do you call a dancing & roller skating storage locker lock? A DISC-CO LOCK!


*Found at

A customer walks into a self-storage office to rent a unit. While renting the unit, the manager says “Mam, I need to see two forms of picture ID.” The customer angrily dug through her purse, found her driver’s license, grabbed a pair of scissors from the counter and cut her ID in half. The customer said, “Here ya go…”

If you’re in stitches from that one, here’s another great one!

Two lawyers, both tenants at a self-storage facility walked into a storage office, sat down and began eating their sack lunches. The manager said “Hey guys, you can’t eat your lunches in my office!” The two attorneys looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and exchanged lunches.

*Found at

What are those auctions really like? Are they like the TV show?

Here at StoreRight Self Storage in Lecanto, we do have Lien Sales on a regular basis.   In Florida, the correct term is “Lien Sale”, not actually “Storage Auction”.    It is a necessary aspect of this business.   Although in an ideal world, everyone would pay their bills promptly and we would never have to sell our tenants’ belongings; that’s unfortunately not the reality.   

So, if you have always been curious about what a real Self Storage Lien Sale is like, you can come watch one for yourself here at StoreRight in Lecanto.   Keep in mind, you’re not going to see a film crew here, and all kinds of crazy characters!  This is real life, not a “reality” show.   Our next Lien Sale is scheduled for August 15 at 9 in the morning. 

If you’ve never been to one, you might find it pretty interesting.   Certain aspects are just like the TV show.  For example:  the lock on the door gets cut, the door is rolled up,  and then the crowd gets to look inside the unit.  No one is allowed to touch anything or move stuff around to get a better view.  The auctioneer will give everyone time to see what they can, from the doorway of the unit.  The people who have been coming to storage auctions on a regular basis are usually prepared with flashlights.   

The bidding begins, and that part is also like the show, except the Lecanto lien sale attendees are just regular folks.   The bidding ends, and then the crowd will move on to the next unit to be sold that day.   At the end of the sale, all the winning bidders are required to settle up with the auctioneer, and they’re also required to give StoreRight Self Storage a cash cleaning deposit. 

Then all the  fun begins!  Seeing what’s in all the boxes and totes and behind the furniture!  Usually the winning bidders come prepared with a trailer or van to clean out the unit.  Most of the time, the unit is completely cleaned out the same day as the auction.  Once the unit is emptied and swept out, the winning bidder will get his or her cleaning deposit back. 

Some of the misconceptions that I’ve come across since I have started managing StoreRight are that people seem to think they can bid on individual items in the units.  That is not correct, it’s all or nothing.  If the unit has an antique rocking chair that you want, you have to bid on the whole unit, not just the chair.  Then you get everything in the unit, and you’re responsible for cleaning it out entirely.  

Another area of confusion is on the number of units up for lien sale.  For example, we may start out with 8 units in lien sale status, but by the time the actual Sale date arrives, some of the tenants may have paid their rent.  So it might only be 5 units in the Lien Sale.  

Although you may have read in the Citrus County Chronicle that StoreRight Self Storage has 8 units in their lien sale, it’s a very strong possibility that the tenants’  friends or relatives may  have seen that same legal ad, and they may have decided to help out the tenants who are down on their luck.

The best thing to do is to call StoreRight at 352-527-9777 a few days before the Lien Sale and we can give you an update on how many units are going to be up for bid.   We also update our Facebook page with details on the number of units up for Lien Sale.  We do NOT put the names of our tenants online, only the number of units, time and date of the auction. 

If you’ve never been to one, you can satisfy your curiosity by attending the next one at StoreRight Self Storage, on August 15 at 9 A.M.  Come early to fill out the bidder’s registration form.   Our gorgeous crape myrtles are all in bloom right now, maybe they’ll still be some flowers in August!  We’ll be happy to welcome you to our facility!  Call 352-527-9777 if you have any questions! 


Nancy, Jaci & Norm





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