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December 27th …Now What…

When looking at the aftermath of Christmas consider self storage. The price is worth the piece of mind you will get. A New Year. A clean house. A fresh start. Every home can use the extra room and let’s be honest, it’s one less thing to pick up move all year. Pick a facility that has has climate control and really good pest control. Those two things already have your garage or attic beat! Get online and check out the great storage options for lights and ornaments. There are so many DIY projects out there. If you have not already done so get on Pinterest!! It has so much information to help you get though those dreary January days ahead. Happy New Year from StoreRight Ocala 8

StoreRight Self Storage…..You need to know!

The word storage, according to Webster’s Dictionary, comes from the word store- to put aside for future use or for safe keeping. Thus, storage has been around for a long time. The Human Race has used storage in many ways and many places. When we buy a home, women look for storage inside the home- closets and cupboard space. Men look for storage space outside the home- garages, sheds and areas in the yard. Even kids check out storage space in their intended bedrooms- corners of the closet, under the bed, and even in the middle of the room. No matter who we are or where we live, we are a species that needs storage.

We need storage because we all have our own personal stuff that is important to us. Whether it be keepsakes or collectibles, too much furniture, or just stuff we think we may need one day. No matter the reason, the need for storage is part of our lives. We leave our cars parked outside of the garage in the heat, rain and even hurricanes so we can store everything else we cannot part with inside the garage. Our closets are stacked so full it sometimes becomes dangerous to open the door.

The solution to this need to store our stuff was answered by the building and growth of storage facilities. It was the perfect solution. We could keep everything that was near and dear to us or that we felt we may need one day and still have our closets, garages, etc. for the things that belong in them, like clothes and cars. Not only could we put our needed possessions into storage but we could also store our holiday decorations. This frees up even more space in our homes, which relieves us of clutter and gives us the feeling of a neater, more spacious abode . That, in turn, whether we realize it or not, actually gives us a feeling of accomplishment. It enables us to find what we are looking for in the closet or cupboard and we can even vacuum under the bed. We can park our cars in the gagrage, which is more protective and could lead to a longer life for our cars. It’s easier to keep our homes looking neater and cleaner.

In my opinion, storage is a needed and necessary part of living. Besides from the things already mentioned, we need storage when we move or have a catastrophic emergency such as a fire or flooding to name a few. There are many reasons why people need and use storage. I am sure there are many more than than those I have touched on. Whatever your reason for choosing to store your possessions in a storage facility, welcome to the club. We are all members and will all have a need to use a storage facility at least once in our lives.

I have been a storage facility manager for 13 years, so here’s a few tips to help make your storage experience easier when it’s your turn to rent a storage unit.

  1. Location – find a facility close to your home or that you drive by everyday.
  2. Management – talk to the staff – choose locations that have friendly, knowledgeable staff to help you.
  3. Size – don’t get a unit that is too small to save on cost and don’t get a unit that is too large for your needs. Management should be able to help you with this.
  4. Cleanliness and Security – if the facility looks clean as you enter the premises, chances are the units will be the same. Find a facility that has security and video monitoring.
  5. Pest Control – a must at storage facilities.
  6. Price – the lowest price may not always be the best price. It may be worth paying a few extra dollars a month for a unit at a facility that offers all of the above plus later gate access and rent specials.

Happy Storage!

StoreRight Self Storage – We’ve got your back

Tired of struggling to find a space to put all those items your not ready to part with yet and that you have to store all year then trying to remember exactly where you put them when the time comes? Tired of giving up valuable real estate in your home and garage?  That’s where StoreRight Self Storage come in and I know you’ve heard the saying ” there’s an app for that” well now you can say there’s a website for that.  StoreRight Self Storage’s website makes it easy from helping you determine what size unit you will need all the way through the online rental. We offer online specials as well as several different payment options, Moving and storage supplies as well as friendly and knowledgeable staff. Just think when the time comes to get all those decorations out of storage (and you will now know exactly where they all are) now you will have all that room to store and hide all those Christmas Presents you will be putting under the tree. If you haven’t seen us for a while stop in for a tour

StoreRight in Ruskin, Fl. We are here to help you with your self storage needs!!!

Merry Christmas to everyone from Ruskin!!

From all of here at StoreRight in Ruskin!!!
From all of here at StoreRight in Ruskin!!!


All sunshine and no snow !

Warm climate and no zero weather !

Flowers growing in the yards, and not costly poinsettias from the florist !

Summer clothes, and nobody wearing fur coats and ear muffs !

Santa Claus rides in an air ship, and no sleight-bells !

Doors and windows open, and no furnaces to keep fired at white heat !

Christmas fruits gathered fresh from the trees, and no cold storage eggs !

Sidewalks are safe for pedestrians; no slipping and falling on the ice !

Automobile starters are working; no frozen radiators !

Wheels keep in the road; no non-skid chains are necessary !

Ocean bathing is a pleasure; no hot water faucets to fuss with !

Christmas shopping was done at leisure; no mob scenes enacted !

No ” blizzards ” as an excuse to have to miss church !

But – It’s the Christmas holiday spirit that resigns just the same !

May it be Merry Yuletide for all StoreRight Self Storage and friends !



  • Author unknown, Published in Vero Press, Dec. 25th 1924

StoreRight Self Storage is Helping Out Cinderella’s Closet Again!

dresses-2StoreRight Self Storage is involved with the annual Cinderella’s Closet event again!

StoreRight Self Storage in Lecanto is a drop-off location for prom dresses, dressy formal shoes/sandals, rhinestone jewelry, etc…We provide the dresses, shoes, accessories to local high school girls for FREE. It’s a wonderful event for girls who might not be able to afford a prom dress. So, if you have any donations, please drop them off here prior to the event. Saturday, February 17th is the deadline for drop-offs.

cinderella 8

Also, the volunteers are always looking for help with hair and make-up on the days of the Citrus High School, Crystal River High School and Lecanto High School proms. Cinderella’s Closet wants to help the young ladies of Citrus County feel and look like a Princesses! If you can help with that, please let me know, and I will put you in touch with the hairstylist who coordinates that part of the event. cinderella 5

cinderella closet 2

If your daughter, relative, etc, would like to attend the event, it’s February 24th at Cornerstone Church in Inverness. The girls need to provide student ID to show that they’re enrolled in the local high schools, in order to participate in the event. dresses

Here are some details:
Cinderella’s Closet is a ministry of Cornerstone Baptist Church. The mission is to provide dresses and accessories for young ladies in the community. February 24th, 10am til 3pm, Cornerstone Baptist Church, 1100 W. Highland Blvd, Inverness, FL 34452.

Information will also be on the StoreRight Self Storage Facebook page and the Citrus Cinderellas Facebook page, as we get closer to the event.

Thanks and have a great day!

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