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Hurricane Season Is Here! Check Your Coverage!

June brings summer weather, vacations and hurricane season! Now is a good time to check your insurance policies to make sure you have adequate coverage to protect your stored items.

Here at StoreRight Self Storage in Brooksville, we make every effort to keep our buildings in the best condition possible to keep your belongings protected but there’s nothing like the wrath of Mother Nature to teach us all a lesson in who’s boss.

So for your own peace of mind, make sure you have an up to date inventory of your stored items and their current value (pictures and receipts are excellent in case you ever need to make a claim) . Compare this to your coverage limits. If you need to increase your coverage, now would be a good time.

Hurricane Supplies! Tax Free in Florida this weekend!

June 2nd, 3rd and 4th are Tax Free Days in Florida, for Hurricane Supplies. Coolers, candles, tarps, batteries, etc… See the list for the all the tax-free items. Time to get prepared!

tax free weekend

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