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Ain’t Love Grand and Other Storage Issues

We’ve all been there. Your best friend, adult child or the new love of you life is having problems. You want to jump with both feet and help. And that’s a good thing, I’ve met some of the kindest people since moving to Brooksville, FL 12 years ago, But, unfortunately, sometimes their kindness comes back to bite┬áthem on the butt.
You best friend since grade school is in a bad relationship and needs to get out. You offer your guest room or your couch but where do you put their stuff? Or your baby has a brand new college degree and is moving home until he lands his new job and finds an apartment but what about all the things from his college pad? You think you’ve found “The One” so you decide to make two homes one but now you have two of everything but only room for half of everything; where’s it all going to go?

That’s right! StoreRight Self Storage in Brooksville! It’s the right place at the right price! It says so right on the sign! And we are !

There’s just one little issue you should consider before renting a unit for someone else. Once your name is on the lease, the financial responsibility for the unit’s rent is yours regardless of who owns the contents.

If your BFF finds new love and rarely returns your calls, your 30 year old baby spends his days playing video games waiting for the CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation to knock on you door with an amazing offer and your shiny new love has tarnished big time just remember you will always have that nagging rent bill to hold you together (I’ll chase you and you get to chase them for the rent).

The more practical solution is to avoid the situation in the first place. Yes, StoreRight Self Storage is likely still the best solution but bring your BFF, adult child or new love with you. Rent the storage unit in their name (we will need them to supply their photo ID and sign the lease). This way the financial obligation remains with the owner of the contents and never has to become a sore spot in your relationship. If there is money issue, you can always make a payment on the unit without being obligated to do so. And, as an added bonus, you will be eligible for a $25.00 “Refer a Friend” Visa gift card! Win-win!







New Reviews for StoreRight Self Storage in Lecanto! We love positive feedback!

StoreRight Self Storage in Lecanto has received some new online Google Reviews! We are so pleased to continually receive such positive feedback from our tenants! Here’s a few of our latest online reviews:

“Very good nice people to deal with.”

“Great place to store your belongings. Rented three units over the course of six months while moving from South Florida. Could not be more satisfied. Nancy was fantastic in arranging the units. Even had a moving company move us directly into the largest unit and I wasn’t even there to receive it. Top notch. Would definitely recommend to my closest friends.”

“My family and I are moving into the area and storeright had fantastic customer service, very friendly, and extremely accommodating to our needs. We strongly recommend this company for your storing needs!!”

It really makes our day, when our tenants take the time to go online and write such nice comments about us here at StoreRight Self Storage in Lecanto. We really do try to provide the best storage experience! StoreRight! Storage Made Easy! Right Place, Right Price!

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