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StoreRight Self Storage Lecanto CARES!

StoreRight Self Storage in Lecanto, FL really cares about our community, which is not just Lecanto, but really all of Citrus County.   We feel very strongly about doing what we can to donate our time and resources to various charitable groups in Citrus County.  We are the self storage facility that cares! 

Just within the past few months we have donated FREE STORAGE gift certificates to a number of charities.  If a charitable organization approaches us, we’re happy to donate a gift certificate for the charity to raffle off.  The money raised by the raffle, or the live/silent auction,  goes directly to the charity.  We only ask that the recipient of the gift certificate pay our normal one time administrative fee at the onset of their Storage Rental. 

We have donated gift certificates to the following charities recently:  Tera’s Legacy Poker Run to Benefit Herry’s Kids Hospice,  Citrus County Education Foundation,  the Citrus County Builders Association’s Jim Blackshear  Memorial Golf Outing to Benefit the Boys & Girls Club and the Seven Rivers Christian School in Lecanto.

In addition we also donate our time:   I volunteered at the Realtor’s Association of Citrus County’s Annual Golf Tournament to benefit Habitat for Humanity.   That was a fun, all day event!  I also spent a very cold (for Florida) morning volunteering at the annual Strawberry Festival in Floral City at the Hospice Tent.  We sold strawberry shortcake with the proceeds going to Hospice.   

We also donate household items, clothing, etc… to a variety of local charities.  Ocasionally when a tenant moves out, they leave unwanted items in their units.   After contacting the tenant and verifying that they no longer want the items; we arrange to donate them to one of the local Citrus County charities. 

We also let our tenants know that at any time, even if they are not moving out of their self storage units; we will gladly accept any charitable donations they wish to make.   My staff and I also donate our own personal belongings that we no longer need.   During the past few months, between tenant donations, our own donations and abandoned unit items; we have given clothing, pet bedding, a bird cage, multiple pieces of furniture, television sets, household items, etc… the Citrus County Animal Shelter, Daystar Citrus, Nature Coast Ministries, and our #1 charity:  Yard Sale for the Troops.

I also try to attend as many charitable fundraising events as I can.  I recently attended the annual Cooking for a Cause event held at the Crystal River Mall.  That was a fundraiser to benefit Jessie’s Place, the Children’s Advocacy Center.  Very worthwhile cause.  For those of you who may not know, Jessie’s Place is named after Jessica Lunsford, the young girl tragically abducted and killed in Homosassa, FL a few years ago.    We in Citrus County feel very strongly about the Children’s Advocacy Center. 

Coming up on my calendar in May is the annual dinner to benefit the Boys & Girls Club.  That promises to be a fun evening.  It will be held at the local college right down the street from StoreRight Self Storage.  A group of the ladies from my business networking group:  Suncoast Business Masters, will be there to support the Boys & Girls Club. I am looking forward to this upcoming event at the College of Central Florida.

When you are choosing your next local self storage facility, keep in mind StoreRight Self Storage Lecanto.  We are the self storage facility that cares about Citrus County!   Give us a call at 352-527-9777, or email me directly at     Looking forward to hearing from you! 






CAMP Movie

Marion County residents: As you all know, we here at StoreRight are involved with, and support, many local organizations.  One these is Royal Family Kids Camp – RFKC is a faith-based, non-profit created to give positive memories for abused & neglected children in the foster care system, ages 7-12, through a one week overnight summer camp experience.

CAMP the Movie is showing tonight at the Hollywood 16 at 7:30, and proceeds from the movie help our children go to CAMP. If you can’t come tonight to see with movie then try to make it sometime this week. This is an easy way to support our camp. We have not sold out yet and that is our goal,so help us make it happen. Thank you for all of your support.


Packing Tips

Although moving can be exciting, packing is something most of us dread. By using this guide, provided by, you will feel more secure in knowing that your possessions are properly packed and once you get them moved and stored, you’ll be able to find everything when the time comes to find them in your storage unit to move them to your new home.

Get Things in Order
Your move will be easier and smoother if you do a good job of pre-planning. Here are several handy tips to help you get started.

1. Always create a thorough and complete inventory of what you will be moving to your new address.
2. Don’t forget to photograph or videotape any unique or valuable belongings.
3. It’s also wise to make a note of the serial numbers on your electronic equipment.

What You’ll Need
Before you can start packing, you’ll need to have the following materials:
• Strong Boxes.
• Wardrobe Boxes with Hanger Bars.
• Packing Tape.
• Bubble Wrap, Newspaper, Wrapping Paper, and Tissue Paper.
• Ziploc Bags.
• Magic Markers.

Notes for Wrapping
• Wrap all your breakable items in bubble wrap, wrapping paper, or tissue paper.
• Because newspaper may leave ink smudges on your items, it should only be used to cushion items that are already protected.
• You can use old linens, blankets, and towels to wrap and cushion fragile items.
• Ziploc bags can be used for small odds and ends that usually clutter your drawers.

Storage Unit Auction Facts

Self storage auctions are very different from any other type of auction.  They are not as formal as other types of auctions such as government auctions or postal auctions, Instead of holding up a sign when you want to bid you will be expected to say aloud your bid amounts until the highest bidder wins out.  There are auctions in every town in the US each and every month.  When someone rents a storage unit and they default on the payment terms the storage facility will auction off the entire contents of the unit.

A typical auction lasts about an hour that is unless there are multiple storage facilities to travel to.  To find these auctions you will want to look at the newspaper or call the local self storage facilities.  Another option is to go to google and type in your city and state and the word storage unit auctions.  You will find a list of auctions coming up in your area.  Various facilities hold auctions on a standard month but most have and auction when they have multiple units that have defaulted.

Once the auction begins people will gather around the first unit to be auctioned off.  The auctioneer will have someone cut the lock and the door will be opened.  You will not be allowed to go inside the unit you can only look inside.  When you look inside you will need to think about the items you see.  What is the resell value of the items that you can see ?   When you find a unit worth buying you will need padlocks so that you can lock up your unit and move on to the next unit to be auctioned off.

When you get to the auctions you will need your picture ID or drivers license to register to bid.  You will need to sign a list of rules.  The rules may differ from auction to auction.  Make sure the when you go to the auction you understand all the rules in that are involved.

Make sure that you are prepared before you go to an auction.  It is a good idea to have someone go with you so that you don’t have to load everything up alone.  There have been hidden treasures  found in these units so it is very possible the great treasure is found will be found by you.  If you are a person who loves surprises and you are willing to get your hands dirty then storage auctions can be a lucrative second income !  You will find things want to keep or collect and sell and make some serious money in the process.  Self storage auctions are a modern day treasure hunt !  Good luck and happy bidding !

David Lee Johnson has been making a full time income with self storage auctions for over 10 years.  The second auction he attended he watched a guy win a unit for $300.00 dollars once he got inside he pulled out a lot of boxes.  Once he started to go through them he realized that he had a brand new never put together Harley Davidson.  This is the moment he realized that you never know what you can find in one of these units.

StoreRight Self Storage works with Storage Protection Auctions Services;

Please visit the site for upcoming auction dates for all of StoreRight Self Storage facilities.

StoreRight Self Storage  Right Place.  Right Price

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Dear Future Storage Tenant,

If you have stuff you need to store.
Stop in here and look no more.
No matter what size or shape.
We even have boxes, bubble wrap and tape.
A one stop shop when you have to move.
To help to get you in the groove.
We will go the extra mile.
So you will leave with a great big smile!!


Our name speaks volumes!  StoreRight is the right place with the right price for all your self-storage needs. We treat each customer that walks through the door with the respect and courtesy they deserve. We have a wide variety of climate and non-climate controlled units ranging from the tiny 5X5 to a huge 10X20 and everything in between, so finding you the perfect unit is not a problem! All of our ceilings are 8 ft. tall so there is plenty of space for stacking. If you do not know what size storage unit you need, no worries. Our staff is very good at helping you narrow it down. When you come in we can even take you and show you any size storage unit you would to see. We understand that sometimes being able to see the unit helps. We also believe in safe guarding your item. That is why our units are behind a fence with electronic gate access and video cameras that insure that your items are stored safely. We also take pride in the facility itself. We like to keep a tidy facility, who wants to store their items in a mess anyway? We have moving carts available and all of our units are ground level for your convenience. Also if you are using a large Uhal to move your items no problem, making your way around our facility is a breeze. We know moving can be a stressful time so we do our best to cut your stress level down! But don’t wait till moving day to come see us. We also have a wide variety of packing supplies to cover any moving situation. We have your typical boxes, tape and labels but we also have dish and glass packing kits, any size mattress bag you want and so many different kinds of bubble wrap it could protect any size valuable you have! When the big day comes we also sell tie down straps and tarps. So as you can see we are your moving one stop shop.

So you think You Don’t Need Storage….

The day will come that everyone will use a Storage Facility at least once ad probably more in their lifetime. Most people think that renting a Storage unit is only for times of moving. NOT SO. We here at StoreRight Self Storage at 6400 State Road 544 in Winter Haven, Florida understand there are many many, many reasons why people use Storage. In addition to moving, there may be a new baby on the way and that means making space for all the things a baby requires. You need Storage. Company may be coming and of course you want your home to look good and not be cluttered, so put the excess in  Storage. The kids are going off to College and don’t want their dorm room cluttered with their stuff, so they leave it at your house and you were hoping to turn their room into a craft room for yourself. So..put their stuff in Storage and enjoy your new craft room! You just bought a new car and the garage is jam-packed wth other stuff you might need now and again. Best choice–clean out the garage and put that stuff in Storage so you can park that new car in the garage to protect it from the hot Florida sun. Mom and Dad are getting older and shouldn’t be alone, but don’t really want or need to go into assisted living, gotta make room for their stuff and that requires more room that a baby sometimes! You need Storage. Your favorite Aunt has left you her collection of Salt and Pepper Shakers, which you’ve always loved and admired, but have no where to put them. You need Storage. The children have all left home to be on their own and it’s time to consider down-sizing- you need Storage. After all, what are you going to do with all the heir looms you are keeping for the kids, but they have no room for them just now? You definitely need Storage. Oh, and what about the things you just can’t part with because they bring so many happy memories to mind? Keeping memories are important. You need Storage. Don’t forget about Hubbies favorite things—golf clubs, extra pipe and fittings, tools, etc. They mean a lot to him. You need Storage. Maybe you are a truck driver who spends most of your time living in your truck, but need some place to put extra clothes and personal items or a Teacher who needs to put extra school supplie someplace. Climate Control Storage is the perfect answer. Even storing that motorcycle or antique car can give you more space at home. Last, but not least, remember to check out the outside parking area. StoreRight Self Storge has ample, secure, protected outside parking Storage for your RV’s, boats/trailers and all the other fun things you have. I could probably go on and on, but if you still think you don’t need Storage, you are either the neatest person in your neighborhood or you have 4 sheds in your back yard. I do hope StoreRight has made you smile while you were reading this and don’t forget….you DO NEED STORAGE… and he best place to go is StoreRight Self Storage at 6400 Stare Road 544 Winter Haven, Fl. See you SOON!!!!

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