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StoreRight Self Storage Tampa – Yard Sale

StoreRight  Self  Storage  in Tampa  is  having  their  first  yard  sale 3/17/2018  from 8:30 Am – 2:00 PM.   If you are a tenant at StoreRight Self Storage in Tampa all you have to is call, email or just drop by the office to sign up to sell your items. If you are not a tenant at StoreRight Self Storage Tampa you can still sign up to sell your items but space is limited for non tenants so sign up now.  We currently have several people signed up and have all sorts of items going to be sold everything from furniture, tools, electronics, pool table etc. Its going to be on St Patrick’s Day so make sure you wear your green. We hope to see you all at StoreRight Self Storage Tampa bring your family and friends, lets get the word out so we have a great turn out. Always remember at StoreRight Self Storage we are always the Right Place at the Right Price.

StoreRight Self Storage – We’ve got your back

Tired of struggling to find a space to put all those items your not ready to part with yet and that you have to store all year then trying to remember exactly where you put them when the time comes? Tired of giving up valuable real estate in your home and garage?  That’s where StoreRight Self Storage come in and I know you’ve heard the saying ” there’s an app for that” well now you can say there’s a website for that.  StoreRight Self Storage’s website makes it easy from helping you determine what size unit you will need all the way through the online rental. We offer online specials as well as several different payment options, Moving and storage supplies as well as friendly and knowledgeable staff. Just think when the time comes to get all those decorations out of storage (and you will now know exactly where they all are) now you will have all that room to store and hide all those Christmas Presents you will be putting under the tree. If you haven’t seen us for a while stop in for a tour

Tampa / Ybor has a lot going on!

Tampa/Ybor has a lot going on!

StoreRight Tampa has celebrated A FULL YEAR since acquiring the Ybor City location at 4120 East 10th Avenue in Tampa, FL.

We aren’t just pretty, we’re secure and functional, too!

We started by repaving the property to allow for proper drainage and uninhibited access to the storage units. Did a TON of work sprucing us up! Repainted the buildings and replaced many overhead doors; new and easy to operate! The security of our tenants’ belongings is important to us so we have also made available new secure cylinder locks as an added benefit to the new doors and latches!

Our new VP and Director of Operations, Scott Kelly, encourages StoreRight Employees to be active in the community and share what’s going on in the area, not just the great renovations and upgrades at our facility! These are just some of the events where you may find us!

Come join the festivities at the Festival of Flight 2015 this weekend!
September 11 – September 13
Sep 11 at 5:00pm to Sep 13 at 2:00pm

Celebrating everything that flies! Hot Air Balloons, Planes, Trikes, Helicopters, Kites, and more. Hot Air Balloon Rides are available by contacting American Balloons, A Hot Air Balloon Ride Company directly for scheduling during the event.
You can also catch a ride on a helicopter, plane, bi-plane, trike, T-6 and more during the event. Prices for rides vary depending on the aircraft.

We will have live music from bands such as Stonegrey, Harold Jones Band, Life of the Party, Infinity on High and more. We will have great food, vendors, Exotic Cars and lots of things to see and do. This Event is good for all ages.

Admission is FREE and Parking is $5


Saturday, November 7 at 2:00pm – 10:00pm

Water Works Park Tampa
1710 North Highland Ave, Tampa, Florida 33602

Early Bird Tickets Available now:

SPIN DOCTORS and TONIC to co-headline this year’s festival! It will be a 90’s rock extravaganza! More artist announcements coming soon!

Early Bird General Admission: $25

Early Bird VIP : $50 (INCLUDES)
:: Full Access to stage front priority viewing
:: Complimentary Dinner :: Served from 5pm to 6:30pm
:: 4 Complimentary Cocktails, Wine or Craft Beer.
:: Full Access to VIP Rooftop Party atop the Beck Building overlooking the festival grounds. VIP Rooftop open from 3pm to 6pm, and 8pm to 11pm.

Let’s get out there and support our community together!

7 Great tips for using Self Storage

7 Great tips for using Self Storage

Over the years most of us have been the tenant of a storage unit, because sometimes you just need more space. There’s lots of reasons to rent one, but there’s also lots of tips and tricks to pick up along the way. Here’s a few things we’ve learned in our adventures of paid storage, all of which we wish we would have known before hand …

1. Insurance: Most Storage facilities offer this at a great rate, StoreRight Self Storage offers Bader Insurance and you can get $2000.00 in coverage for only $9.00 a month, $3000.00 for $13.00 a month and $5000.00 for only $21.00 a month.(The rule of thumb is that if it’s worth storing its worth insuring).

1. Pallets, Pallets, and Pallets: Keeping your items off the floor is almost essential. It might sound silly, but before renting your unit, there’s no way to promise that the melting snow won’t come under the door, or the adjacent unit won’t have a spill that soaks its way into your heirloom sofa.

2. Wrap What You Can: Each time we use a storage unit, we wrap what we can in industrial plastic wrap. That way, we know that things are sealed up tight and it won’t collect dust or creepy crawlies while it’s doing time. Its also great for wrapping dressers to keep the drawers in place, anything that opens should be wrapped as it makes it much easier to move. Industrial plastic wrap along with all your packing needs can be purchased at StoreRight Self Storage.

3. Label, Label, Label: Even though you know exactly what you’re putting in your storage unit at the time you open it, that doesn’t mean in 6 months when you need back in it that you won’t be digging for ages and opening random boxes until you find what you’re after. Label everything on every side of the box. The hidden, the obvious, and you can even go as far as to make a checklist that hangs inside the door telling you where something might be (back right corner under the desk = cameras to sell on eBay).

4. Plan for Temperature Changes: Although this might not be an issue in some parts of the country, there are a few things that don’t like the cold or the heat and should either be double wrapped or well insulated or not stored at all. Electronics, vinyl records, old photos (if humid), things of that nature all come out a little less awesome when not stored properly. If you rent a non-climate controlled unit be sure to buy a damp rid / damp check to put in the front of the unit to absorb any moisture and replace every 30 days. This product is also available at StoreRight Self Storage.

5. Rainy Season, Carry Sand: Most outdoor storage units are built so water drains away from doors and to one central location. …. in theory. Carry cat litter, sand or even spare sheets of plywood to help you unload or access your items.

6. Protect the Space: While we’re concerned about protecting what we put in the unit, protecting the unit itself is also important — there can be heavy fines for scarring the unit during your tenancy. If you rent one to use for, say, your freelance furniture flipping or restoration business, make sure to plastic off the walls and floors to catch glue drips and sprays (not that we’ve ever accidentally spray painted the inside wall pink before…. oops).

7. Bust out Your Tetris Skills: Even the smallest storage unit can hold a great deal, just make sure you use the space wisely which means packing things all the way to the ceiling. Bringing in plywood to lay across several boxes can help stabilize layers as your stacking it up, up and up! It will take the pressure off the tops of your boxes and help keep things safe.

Self Storage Tips

StoreRight Self Storage is glad to provide you with the following tips for storing your valuable items.

Self Storage Tips

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your storage unit:

  • Leave a Walkway to the Rear of the Unit – this provides better accessibility to all your items.
  • Disassemble items such as bed frames to maximize space.
  • Place frequently used items near the door.
  • Fill containers to capacity. Partially full or bulging cartons may tip or collapse.
  • Store couches (except sofa beds) on end to maximize space.
  • Place fragile items near the top of the unit to prevent crushing.
  • Label your cartons and take home a list of the labeled cartons for easy reference. (Labels are available in our office).
  • Take full advantage of your space. Use the full height if possible. Shelving helps organize your space.
  • Add bay leaves to boxes to ward off most insects and household pests.
  • Keep refrigerator and freezer doors slightly ajar and clean before storing. Use the space inside for storing other kitchen items.
  • Wrap mirrors and pictures with paper pads or use mirror boxes. Never store flat.

Packing Tips

Here are some packing tips to help you save time and protect your valuables:

  • Use strong, stackable boxes and containers.
  • Fill boxes completely to keep them from collapsing and damaging belongings.
  • Pack books and heavy items in small boxes for easier lifting.
  • Put the heavy boxes on the bottom and the light ones on top.
  • Purchase special boxes for dishes and fragile items.
  • Label each box on several sides and indicate if it is fragile and what room it should go in.
  • Disassemble furniture for easier moving and storage.
  • Take advantage of the tops of dressers and the like to stack boxes and other items.
  • Stand mattresses on end and break down bed frames.
  • All stored items should be clean of food stains and particles.
  • Save money and room by using towels and blankets to wrap fragile items.
  • Use wardrobe boxes to hang clothing; remember to fill the bottom of the wardrobe box with shoes, pillows, or other light items.
  • Protect furniture with shrink-wrap and blankets or pads to avoid damage.

Other Handy Packing Tips

Appliances: Make sure all refrigerators and freezers are thoroughly dry. Store them with the door ajar so air can circulate inside. Be sure the doors on other types of appliances are securely shut, and always clean your stove before moving.

Bedding and Linens: Use your dresser drawers when possible to store blankets, pillows and sheets.

Mattresses: Use special mattress bags or even old mattress covers to keep them clean during moving and storage.

Chairs: Invert light chairs so they are “seat-to-seat.” There’s usually space between the legs for small, lightweight items.

Chest of Drawers: Take advantage of drawers for packing many light household items such as photos and clocks. If the items are fragile, be sure to use towels or other padding to protect them from breakage.

China and Glassware: Plates should be wrapped individually and stacked on edge. Always make sure you have plenty of cushioning below and above all your glassware. Glasses should also be wrapped individually with cushioning and put on the top layers of any of these boxes with more cushioning above them. Make sure your boxes are firmly packed so they will not be crushed.

Clothing: It’s best to hang clothing whenever possible. Use wardrobe boxes when possible. These come with a clothes rod for easy hanging.

Drapes:   Fold your drapes carefully and pack them in dresser drawers. Once in storage, it’s best if you can hang them on hangers.

Fragile Items: Many small fragile items can be stored safely in your dresser drawers surrounded by blankets and pillows.

Lamp Shades: Use clean packing paper to wrap each lamp shade individually. Often you can “nest” several lamp shades together. Use a special box for all of these shades, rather than packing them with other items

Mirrors:  Always stand mirrors on edge. It’s best if you can crate them, or at least pack them individually with strong cardboard and mark them so they won’t accidentally be bumped.

Tables: Take the legs off tables when possible and wrap separately. This prevents possible damage and also saves space. Tape the hardware to the underside of the table, so it is not misplaced.

Tools: Don’t put too many heavy tools in one box. If you are storing your tools in non-climate controlled storage it’s a good idea to wipe with a slightly oily rag to prevent rusting. Long handled rakes, hoes and shovels should be cleaned, oiled and tied together.




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