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There goes January…..

As I close out January I am sitting in my office with my favorite thing, a label maker.  Nothing makes a person more ready for organizing than a label maker.  If you add boxes to the mix you are armed and ready. When getting any kind of storage project ready for takeoff  take your time, sort and label. Label everything and label it again.  I have seen  (and been there myself) people digging apart boxes to find that one thing.  In my experience there is no such thing as too much information.  When you are in a hurry or frantically searching for that item, you will be thankful for all that information.  After a while you will find that label maker to be very addictive.  From spice racks, sock drawers, cabinets, and just about everything in between.  Don’t worry your family will fall in line as well after a while.  It’s a whole new world you must explore!!! Enjoy!!  Julie #ocala8 #labelit

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