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StoreRight more then just storage!

What do you think of when you think of storage facilities? When do you think you need to contact a storage facility? The answer may surprise you. Although our main focus is to rent you a storage unit, there are many other hats that we wear. We may be big business but we also have big hearts. If you are new to the area and renting a unit because you are moving we become a welcome center. We make sure to keep a copy of the Chamber of Commerce booklet which holds numbers of local business’s you may need the service of. We create business alliances and visits local business’s so you can be sure if we recommend them, we’ve checked them out and would use them ourselves! Both of StoreRight’s employees have lived in Brooksville for several years and know a lot a about our small town.


Who couldn’t use a little extra cash in their pockets now a day? Believe it or not StoreRight can help with that as well! No I am not going to come up with some corny statement about us offering the lowest prices in town, even though or motto is. “Right Place. Right Price.”  We have other ways of getting money into your pocket. Take for instant our great referral program. If you already rent a unit with us and refer someone you receive a free month’s rent. If you are not a tenant here and refer someone, boom $20! How great is that?

Also, everyone has stuff lying around their home that they do not need anymore, your kids out grow stuff, you replace old with new, so on. Yard Sales are a great way to get rid of some of this excess stuff but not everyone is in a prime location or is in the best situation to do so. StoreRight has a huge yard sale twice a year that is free for our tenants to participate in. We advertise big and we even have the Blood Mobile come out.


StoreRight also believes in giving back to the community. Auctions, although they are all fun and games on TV, can be very sad when you think about it. Storage facilities sometimes have units called buildup units. If items are left behind, depending on how much, we will load it up into one unit and sell it at auction. StoreRight then donates the money it makes from this unit to a local charity; in Brooksville’s case we have chosen “The Dawn Center”. This is a great organization that helps victims of domestic violence. If a tenant lets us know ahead of time that they have some items that they no longer need we will donate it to the Habitat for Humanity thrift store.


So as you have read StoreRight is more than just a clean safe place to store. We care, when you rent from StoreRight you rent from a friend!


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