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StoreRight Self Storage New Year

Tis a new year at last,

The old year is past,

It’s time to begin anew.


Resolutions are set,

Which soon we forget,

But we know what we must do.


The closet is cluttered,

I quietly muttered,

Wishing it wasn’t true.


A storage I need,

My thoughts planted a seed,

This choreĀ I must see through.


I’ll call StoreRight storage,

After I finish my porridge,

And put on my other shoe.


Why can’t I get started,

My efforts only half-hearted,

I really don’t have a clue.


I must make that call,

If I do nothing else at all,

After a cup of coffee or two.


No more delaying,

My course I am staying,

I’m calling the green and blue.


StoreRight helped me out,

And I want to shout,

StoreRight can help you too.


Their prices are great,

You shouldn’t wait,

Their specials are really true.


No storage can beat,

Or even compete,

StoreRight is the one for you.


So heed my advice,

And don’t think twice,

Or get yourself in a stew.


Call StoreRight today,

It’s the only way,

To make this year brand new.


Your closets will glow,

Your car will show,

It’s parked in out of the dew.


So join the crowd,

You’ll be so proud,

StoreRight is part of you.


Your house will look clean,

And so pristene,

No more clutter to walk through.


StoreRight Self Storage,

Gave me the courage,

To do what I had to do.


The treasures I’ve stored,

And always adored,

Are guarded by the StoreRight crew.


I know they’re secure,

Locked behind the door,

At StoreRight of green and blue.


So for the new year,

Stand up and cheer,

StoreRight we need you.


Call StoreRight Self Storage today at (863) 421-5772 and reserve your unit for a happy new year. We are located at 6400 State Road 544 in Winter Haven, Fl. We sell boxes and packing suppplies and can help arrange for movers. Our prices and specials are the best around and our customer service is number 1. StoreRight offers climate control units, as well as covered and non-covered outside parking spaces. Come join our fmily and have a StoreRight Self Storage New Year.

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