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Clutter got you down ?

storageIf you leave in a apartment , condo or just need to organize to create more space;  you need to consider Self Storage.

Self Storage is a great option for storing your cold weather and  seasonal items.  You won’t be decorating for the holidays such as ; Halloween , Christmas and Valentine’s Day.  To keep  your home organized and create extra room in your home, self storage is the answer.  You can pack up these items, label and store them neatly in a clean , safe and secure storage facility.  With spring in the air you might want to clean and organized your garage.  Self storage can be used to store those spring and summer items such as garden tools, hoses and lawn mowers.   Storing those winter clothing items you won’t be using for another year will help opening up some much needed closet space.  Clothing can be stored in plastic totes and labeled or bring in a clothing rack is another solution .

StoreRight offers climate controlled units in sizes 5×5 or 5×10 that will fit your needs with reasonable rates.   You may want to store just for the spring , summer season or all year round .

So start your cleaning and organizing your closet’s , garage or that guest room and give StoreRight Self Storage a call.  We will be happy to give you a quote and a tour of our facility.

StoreRight Self Storage Right Place, Right Price !

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