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Moving and Your Fur-Family

Date posted: 2017-08-11
This post was written by Brooksville Manager

For many of our customers, self storage is part of their moving experience. Our tenants are often relocating and are storing their belongings with us while they are staying with friends, family or in a temporary rental. This can all be very stressful even though you know it’s only temporary. But what about your pets?
Recently a new tenant expressed concern that his four, normally well behaved dogs were acting differently. They were panting excessively which our tenant thought was a reaction to the summer heat her in Brooksville so he cranked up the a/c. When he had to leave them at a relative’s home while he was here with the movers, they had a toileting accident in the house. The poor man was beside himself! But when we looked at these behaviors it was more likely that the panting was due to anxiety than heat (since the dogs were in an air conditioned environment already) and the toileting accident due to being in a strange home with an unfamiliar person.
So how do you explain to your four-footed children that their big comfy couch isn’t gone, it’s just sitting in your storage unit until your new house is ready? And all these strange sights, sounds, smells and people are only temporary? Obviously you can’t but there are things you can do to help ease the transition.
As much as is possible, keep your pet’s bedding and toys with them. These familiar scents can help reassure your pet that the whole world hasn’t gone completely haywire.
Likewise, keeping to their routine as closely as possible should prove comforting. As would extra attention, cuddle time and playtime Now, however, would probably not be the best time to change your pet’s diet.
We at StoreRight Self Storage in Brooksville love our furbabies and love when we get to meet yours but please be careful! We are located on a very busy street and the strange sights and sounds can startle your pet so please keep them on a leash. Also there is very limited grassy space and the blacktop gets HOT! Walking your pet on it can cause burns to their feet. If you plan to leave your pet in your car, you will need to leave the air conditioner running. There is almost no shade in the parking areas and it takes only a very few minutes for your car to become dangerously hot. And, of course, please pick up after your pet.